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Make the Rules

June 2015

Make the Rules, Don’t Break the Rules: How Lunar’s Rules Engine Makes for a Happier Team

Some rules are definitely not made to be broken – and this has never been truer than when utilising a rules engine on your bespoke CRM. The Lunar team is so confident in the usefulness of our built-in rules engine, that we can pretty much guarantee a happier team. How you ask? Well, read on and find out!


1. No More Arguing Over Leads

It goes without saying that competition can rear its sometimes ugly head in work environments where leads are prized. If it’s not competition that’s got your team going, then it’s often confusion and inefficiency when leads are picked up by the wrong department. One of the most popular uses for our CRM solution’s rules engine is the creation of rules which automatically distribute leads, cutting out the arguments and misunderstandings, as every department gets what’s rightfully theirs.


2. Keep it Relevant

Of course, not all leads are born equal; some are clearly better than others, and this is especially true if they have a certain value or hold a specific relevance to your business. By putting in place a system of rules, you’ll be able to filter out any leads which you wouldn’t consider to be relevant or right for your business. But don’t worry: there are comprehensive rules that can make sure nothing gets mistaken for being a useless lead.


3. Good Data, Happy Partners

The rules engine has an especially useful function for businesses where reporting to partners is essential. By creating governing rules across your CRM, you can ensure that great data collected through your team’s activity is forwarded automatically to partners. This serves to keep them in the loop, highlight the good work your team is doing and means that they receive data and updates without having to ask you for them. Everyone’s a winner!


4. Goodbye Complicated Processes

Of course, all of the above examples and so many more combinations of the rules engine work towards a single goal: simplifying complicated, time consuming processes. Filter out the need for manually sending data to partners, avoid having to delegate leads between departments, and don’t waste time chasing irrelevant leads. Using the built in rules engine in Lunar CRM’s bespoke solution will bring you one step close to complete efficiency – keeping your team reassured that they’re time is being spent properly.

No matter how rebellious you are, we’re sure the rules engine is something to be enjoyed. Teams implementing the engine have found productivity has risen, fewer mundane, manual tasks to deal with, and happier partners. It’s safe to say that these rules are definitely better off not broken.


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