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Make Your Customers Happy

January 2019

Why a Bespoke CRM will Make Your Customers Happy

Switching over to a bespoke CRM solution will definitely make you and your team happy by simplifying your workflow and making your business more efficient. But what about your customers? Will they notice the difference?
The simple answer is, yes. Your customers will notice a huge increase in efficiency and company morale from the moment you switch over. Here’s why…


Responsive Teams

Thanks to the available anytime, anywhere nature of a cloud-based bespoke CRM solution, your customers will benefit from a much more frequently available team. That’s not to say that your team needs to be available 24/7, of course. You might have an evening customer support team that works out of office, as well as a daytime team.

This will of course be a huge benefit to any member of the team that prefers to work later hours (another big bonus of the 24/7 availability of your cloud-based CRM).


Straightforward Payments

Make payments and checkouts simple with the third-party integration a bespoke CRM offers. Integration with Salesforce and more makes life simple for both your team and your customers, ensuring everyone is happy.

You’ll also be able to keep track of sales more easily on your end, keeping a record of contact and payment from customers. Now that it’s easier to keep everything in order, you can focus more on your customers and their needs.


Secure Their Data

Customers are constantly worried about the use and misuse of their data, with good reason – customer data breaches seem to be happening more frequently than ever.

With a cloud-based bespoke CRM your customers’ data is stored in secure off-site servers that are regularly backed up, and protected from prying eyes. In the unlikely event those servers go down, they can be brought back online with a back-up within a few short moments.


Meet Industry Regulations – Now and Tomorrow

As your bespoke CRM is cloud-hosted, previously manual business processes are now automated to ensure your business is always customer compliant (think GDPR regulations, but with less work on your end). Your business’ transactions and processes can be traced by regulatory bodies, meaning ensuring your business is compliant is simple and easy. Keeping it that way is too, saving you time and money on compliance.


Make Your Team Happy

They say happy teams mean happy customers, and that couldn’t be truer. If your team is all over the place, going from application to application and manually keeping track of customers they’re naturally going to be a little stressed. By providing an all-in-one bespoke CRM you’re ensuring your team have all the necessary tools to keep your customers happy, and they’ll be happy themselves.

A bespoke CRM solution is a solid investment in to your business, ensuring your team has everything they need to keep your customers happy. From day one your customers will notice the huge increase in efficiency, security and more.
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