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Making Introductions

September 2019

Making Introductions: 4 Ways to Smoothly Introduce a New CRM to Your Team

Besides a powerful CRM, a strong business has a strong team of people at its heart. When it comes to making decisions for that business, you’ll want that team on your side. So, you want to listen to them, and their concerns to keep things running smoothly.

Making new introductions to your business will impact your team. New introductions like a new CRM solution, for example. So, how can you help keep your team’s concerns to a minimum, and ensure everyone is happy, when you introduce a new CRM solution?


1. Involve your Team

You can’t just spring something like a new CRM solution on your team. Your CRM is an integral part of your business, as much as the team utilising it is. So it’s a pretty big change for them.

Before you even start shopping around, consult your CRM specialists. Find out what they’re currently experiencing and what they may need from a CRM solution. Involve them in the process of this big business change up.


2. Know How to Use It

Bringing in a new CRM then not knowing how to use it is only going to cause problems, both short and long term. So make sure you’re looking for a CRM that’s easy to use, whilst doing everything you need it to, and comes with some free training (perhaps even a free demo) and support every step of the way.


3. Listen to your Team

One thing you definitely owe your hard working team is the respect to listen to their concerns. If anyone does have any questions or concerns about what a change in CRM will mean for their role within your business, listen to them. Take some time to talk it over with them, reassure them and perhaps even come up with a schedule or strategy to put in place so that moving forward there’s a structure to this change over. That way no one feels lost in this transition.


4. Be Supportive

A good leader is a supportive one, and you need to be able to support your team when they need it. It will take your team a little time to get used to a new CRM solution, and it’s important you assist during this period or it’ll only take longer. The last thing you want to do is push your team to adapt as quickly as they can, this will only cause more stress. However, you could set aside some time for training, give your team the opportunity to ask questions and find the answers together. Of course, for anything you can’t answer, there’s always the opportunity to talk to the experts (namely, your CRM’s manufacturer).


You’re In It Together

Not every change you make for your business will work out, of course. That’s why it’s important to aim for a CRM that allows you and your team to try before you buy. If it doesn’t work out, you and your team will work together to find something that does. That’s why it’s important to always involve and respect your team when it comes to making decisions for your business – a business is its people.

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