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Making the Most of Your CRM When Reporting

August 2015

Are You Making the Most of Your CRM When Reporting?

A great CRM can be a universally useful tool, allowing businesses to streamline processes and understand their customers in greater detail. Unfortunately, when it comes to reporting, not every CRM user is making the most of the tools at hand. This week, the Lunar Team has decided to talk you through two very useful ways CRMs can help you with your reports – and one reason to really make the most of your CRM. Enjoy!


CRMs Capture Data in Real Time

At their most basic level, reports are snapshots of what’s going on in your business and they use data over a specific time frame to illustrate strategy results, feedback and much more. When putting reports together manually, many teams will undoubtedly just jump into the CRM and pick out whatever they think is relevant, creating a quick – yet slightly skewed – snapshot of previous activity.

When using a CRM correctly – including making full use of the rules system and updating relevant data whenever possible – a business’ most important data and metrics can be constantly monitored, meaning that all reports are optimised to provide a much clearer picture of the past, present and future.


Reports can be Automated

With a bespoke CRM solution, users have the ability to improve on their reporting standards by completely automating the process. When teams aren’t correctly using their CRMs to report, it’s not just the quality of the ensuing strategy that suffers – clients and managers become irate that the information they desperately need still hasn’t been delivered, or is being delivered on different dates sporadically every month.

Automating the process by choosing to report on specific pieces of information, by a certain date, in a customised template can see a report land safely in the client’s inbox by the deadline, saving any trouble over missing reports and angry superiors.


A Good Report Makes a Great Strategy

The reports teams will create from making the most of their CRM will go on to assist in the creation and development of company-wide strategies. By reporting on customer behaviour and statistics, strategies and new services can be planned out to have maximum effect. On top of that, during each stage of the strategy, an in-depth, real-time report can provide an update as to where the business is compared to the previous and future stages of the strategy, making for a useful tool for out manoeuvring the future.


We’ve said our piece, and now we just want to implore every CRM user out there to please, please make the most of your CRMs to produce the fantastically detailed, on-time reports we know you’re capable of – you may even surprise yourself!


Are you looking for a bespoke CRM solution that can provide you and your clients with up-to-date, detailed reports? Get in touch with Lunar CRM for a demo and take your customer service out of this world!