Marketing To The Max

May 2019

Marketing to the Max: How your Bespoke CRM Data can optimise your Marketing

Your bespoke CRM is full of all sorts of handy data provided by your customer base. So it makes perfect sense to use that data to inform your marketing efforts – with a strong data-driven strategy you’ll generate new leads and help keep existing leads nice and warm.

So, how does the data in your bespoke CRM help with your marketing efforts? Well, read on to find out…


The Perfect Supporting Data Source

Strategy and data go hand in hand, and your bespoke CRM contains an abundance of customer data. Using that data you can target your marketing campaigns to ensure your reaching the right people – figure out who is responding best to your marketing and find similar people to target. You’ll also be able to figure out which of your services are generating the most revenue, so you can figure out which ones to push further with your marketing.


Feedback Machine

Customer data doesn’t just help inform who to target with your marketing strategy – some of that data is also vital customer feedback. Your bespoke CRM will keep a log of calls and correspondence, including complaints. Though we don’t often like to think about complaints, they help us figure out which aspects of our customer service can be improved. This feedback can be used to keep your existing customers happier, and help inform how to keep new customers happy from day one.


Don’t Ask, Don’t Get

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. It’s good to know how people are feeling about your branding and marketing, and your bespoke CRM makes that nice and easy. Your CRM allows you to build surveys which can be sent out to customers that have opted-in to provide feedback, providing you with additional data to inform your marketing strategy and improve your customer service. Advice straight from the people that matter most to your business! 


Getting the Whole Team in Together

Bring the whole team together with your marketing efforts. Rather than just leaving everything up to the marketing department, give everyone the opportunity to get involved – each member of the team represents a different area of your business, and knows a different area that needs attention. Because your bespoke CRM is cloud-based, your team can easily organise and share marketing data with everyone, even if your team is remote.


Drive Direct Marketing with Bespoke Features

Bespoke built-in features allow you to channel your marketing efforts directly from your CRM. Features like dialler integration, SMS messaging, e-mail campaigns and more allow your team to contact customers and prospects without having to use external tools. This not only makes life easier for your team, but it also helps to keep your customers’ data safe – rather than data being stored on several different devices that can be hacked, it’s stored safely in Lunar’s secure system.

Thanks to making your marketing efforts directly from your CRM, you’ll be able to easily track prospective lead journeys. This ensures your team are prepared to provide the best customer service possible, and that you have a whole new set of data to further inform your marketing strategy. With that, you’re all set for your next big marketing campaign!

If you want to find out first-hand what a bespoke CRM solution from Lunar could do for your marketing efforts, why not request a free demo? Get in touch to find out more.