Match Made in Heaven

September 2015

3 Reasons Why CRMs & Claims Are a Match Made in Heaven

You only have to turn on the TV these days to know that PPI is far from dead. The oft-harped on about financial bungle, which saw banks owe customers thousands of pounds, has become somewhat of a bone of contention for the poor viewers settling down for their soaps – but to the customers who get money back, PPI claim firms are a Godsend. So where does a CRM come into it? How is it that a bespoke piece of relationship management software and a crusade against consumer misdemeanours can be a match made in heaven? Well, let us tell you!


Chasing the Next Big Thing

Consumer claims is much more diverse than a lot of people assume. Although companies will start by focusing on one area, they very often branch out to cater to claims of all varieties – and there are plenty to explore. PPI is the most publicly visible, and has been for many years, but people are also finding themselves able to claim on mis-sold products such as packaged bank accounts, RVI providers and even late flights.

Keeping on top of the next big claims scandal is essential to businesses in this area. By properly utilising a bespoke CRM solution, such businesses can actively seek out new opportunities with ease and build a strategy based on the data they’ve already collected. Imagine what can be achieved with all this knowledge and data in your corner?


Serving Consumers

At the end of the day it’s about making money – as with any business – but consumer claims do genuinely help individuals who would otherwise have money tied up in a system that makes no sense to them whatsoever.

A CRM keeps customers and their interests at heart (it’s all in the name) and as businesses diversify to cover all sorts of claims, they need a robust CRM that can keep track of where every customer is in their individuals claims lifecycle. After all, there’s stiff competition in claims and customers have the power to decide which business will succeed based on what they can do for them and their customer service.


Ease of Use

So you’re a claims firm and you’ve got an off-the-shelf CRM going on – how’s that working out for you? Great, right? Well why not take the whole thing to a whole new (custom-made) level with plugins such as dialler integration and workflow management?

There’s often a lot of work going on behind the scenes when it comes to approaching customers who may be eligible to make a claim, and it pays to make things simpler for your team by giving them the tools they need to work more efficiently. Calling customers directly from the CRM, tracking your team’s time and goals, and following leads through the sales process without any confusion is as simple as adapting your CRM to different needs.

When it comes to claims, the last thing any business wants to be is confusing – their angle is helping consumers claim money back from an overly complex and frustratingly bureaucratic system – and a robust CRM is most definitely the perfect companion to make that happen. Now get out there and help people win their money back!


Looking for a sturdy CRM that can cater to all of your needs? Get in touch with Lunar CRM and we’ll help your claims business to take off!