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No Man is an Island

May 2015

No Man is an Island: Use a Bespoke CRM to Unite Your Team

It’s a well-known fact that a strong team is made up of brilliant individuals, all moving towards the same goal - and that no single employee should ever be considered an island in the workplace.


Unfortunately, in many workplaces where CRMs are present (and even more where they’re not), the case is that each user or solution is only focused on one aspect of a business’ internal processes, preventing anyone from having the whole picture. This can lead to some rather disastrous errors, such as an irate customer finding themselves being passed around the organisation, or sickness bringing the entire process to a grinding halt.


Rather than compartmentalising everything, your business should opt for openness – and we believe a bespoke CRM solution is exactly the tool you need to achieve this.


When employing a bespoke CRM, you’ll find your business in the very DNA of the solution. That means that the solution is perfectly fitted to your business’ needs, and in some cases you may have found that the need is for a way to make information and features available to each team member.


Bespoke CRMs offer a centralised database of information, accessible to every member of the team, allowing for the customer to be completely confident that their details are known and the answers they need are never too far away. If your business has had negative feedback from customers about a long, drawn-out process, then this is definitely the solution for you.


In our time working with clients, we’ve also found that team unity is limited by access to the tool itself – if it requires specific software, for example, then it is only accessible in the workplace. A tool, such as Lunar’s, simply requires access to the internet in order to utilise the CRM. In a world where remote working is becoming more and more common, this move allows for teams to keep in touch with each other and the goings on in the company without ever being in the workplace, allowing for them to work even while they’re away sick or at a meeting.


When it comes to keeping in touch via your CRM, you’ll also find your team being brought together thanks to features that make discussing various topics, challenges and projects a far more collaborative process, with historical notes stored on the CRM. Your team is now able to help themselves, saving time and manpower.


But what are the benefits of a unified team? When employing a bespoke CRM system to bring your employees together, expect streamlined performance from each team member, as well as greater efficiency and clarity. The team can work to help one another, making them self-sufficient and capable of fulfilling customers’ needs with ease. Your customers will also see the benefits of this when they make contact, as each member of the team will have access to the complete picture, rather than just their own piece of the puzzle.


Do you need a CRM solution that will bring your team together? Get in touch with Lunar CRM and find out how our tools can help.