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Not Just A Pretty Face

December 2016

Not Just a Pretty Face: 5 Essential Qualities You Need in a Great CRM Developer

When building a bespoke CRM around your business and its needs, you’ll often find that the relationship between you and your developer is an important and potentially fruitful connection. Making this relationship work will ensure that your organisation benefits from the best bespoke CRM solution available, saving you the hassle and expense of an off-the-shelf system.

But as with most relationships, compatibility is key: if you and your chosen bespoke developer don’t connect in quite the right way, it can spell troubling times ahead. With that in mind, we’ve conferred with our clients to put together a list of traits you should look out for in order to make the most of your CRM customer-developer relationship.  


1. Innovative

This is a big factor when considering any kind of tech/software-based service: are they constantly striving to be on the cutting edge, embracing new ideas, new processes and new systems in order to make the product work for you? By exploring what’s on offer – or what could be on offer with some development – a great developer will be able to add increased value to the client’s final product and keep them ahead of their competition. Innovation keeps everybody happy!


2. A Good Listener

The whole crux on which ‘bespoke software development’ hinges is the ‘bespoke’ part. The final product must reflect what the client and their business wants and needs – if it doesn’t, then it’s not truly bespoke at all. On top of that, if a client doesn’t feel they’re being listened to, then confidence is likely to drop drastically, damaging the relationship. You need to connect with a developer who listens, acknowledges your needs and who will sometimes challenge you on those needs in order to create the best CRM tool for you.


3. Security-Minded

Security is a massive point of interest/contention at the moment, and it pays to be involved with a developer who will take those concerns on board. Implementing top of the range security protocols, understanding the most secure way of hosting your CRM and regularly checking in on its performance are all ideal traits you should watch out for.


4. Focused on Continuous Development

The final product shouldn’t be the end of the relationship. Too many CRM developers take a step back after completion, allowing for clients to continue on alone until a problem arises. Instead, look for an individual or team who will continue to build upon their offering, making sure your CRM is always running and always ahead of the curb.


5. Knows Their Stuff

Of course, all of the above is nothing without the relevant knowledge! Find yourself someone who can build your CRM using a vast array of experience and a deep-seated understanding of what goes into building your dream bespoke system. Otherwise, you could end up with a glorified Excel spreadsheet!

All of these traits sound very familiar… Hey, maybe we’re compatible? Get in touch to arrange a free demo of our bespoke CRM solution and let’s find out!