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Operations Manager Would Love A CRM

September 2015

4 Reasons Why Your Operations Manager Would Love a Bespoke Lunar CRM

Operations managers live and breathe efficiency, procedures and the smooth-running of the business. To achieve this to the best of their abilities, they need to be supported by internal policies, rigorous structure and a robust CRM solution. Whereas the first two are up to you, Lunar has you covered when it comes to creating the CRM tool that your Operations Manager will fall in love with!


1. Tailored Reporting

Not every size shoe fits every size foot, and that odd (yet accurate) analogy also extends to reporting within a business. With an off-the-shelf CRM solution, it’s inevitable that users will have to make do with a rigid one-size-fits-all reporting function, that’s clunky at best and restrictive at worst. Without a top notch report to help steer company processes, Operations Managers have to make do, and this could be to the detriment of the business and its strategy.

Instead, take on a flexible, bespoke type of reporting; the Lunar team are always happy to discuss unique reporting needs for each of our clients, and our solutions all come with a variety of reports – from brief to highly detailed (perfect for strategy meetings).


2. Supplier Comparisons

Running a business can be costly, and an Operations Manager will be working to get the best resources and suppliers without racking up a great cost, ensuring that the business is running at its optimum potential.

Give them a helping hand, then, with our supplier comparison feature. Many of our clients enjoy using supplier comparisons as it gives them greater control when it comes to negotiating prices, specifications and delivery. Hand some control over to your Operations Manager and watch them transform your supplier relationships for the better!


3. Check Required Resourcing

Knowing what additional resources you need in your business – whether its supplies or employee time – is absolutely essential in keeping the business running at its best.

Our bespoke CRMs indicate what resourcing is required within the business, giving Operations Managers insights into efficiency, workflow and workload. Such information can help you to make better internal business decisions, as well as ensure you’re not understaffed – which will keep your team much happier in the long-run!


4.Round the Clock Feedback

Lunar’s bespoke CRMs are designed to give you feedback on your businesses at any time of the day. This can include resourcing checks, as above, as well as insights into what’s working best for you in terms of products. With a bespoke CRM, you really are much more in-tune with your business, and Operations Managers are able to instantly receive feedback on how the company is progressing – absolutely invaluable when attempting to keep up with several dozen processes at once!

So go on: make their jobs a little easier with a bespoke CRM solution – we’re sure they’ll thank you for it!


Interested in making your operations manager very, very happy with a bespoke CRM? Get in touch to find out more or arrange a free demo – they’ll be over the moon!