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Operator, Please

February 2017

Operator, Please: 6 Ways Your Bespoke CRM Can Improve Your Customer Calls

Despite the advent of social media and email, the telephone remains the most popular method for getting in touch with your customers. As your business grows and your customer numbers swell, it can become challenging for your team to juggle telephone duties with records of previous calls, misdialled numbers and clunky dialling platforms. The results are unhappy customers and a lot of wasted time.

Did you know, however, that your bespoke CRM can actually make all of this much easier to manage? Yes, it’s not just a fancy database after all!
We’ve gathered insights from our experience with customers and the Lunar team themselves to bring you 6 examples of how your bespoke CRM solution can help to raise your telephone standard, all whilst benefiting the business. Enjoy!


1. Seamless Integration

What’s a bespoke CRM solution without third party integration? We don’t believe that teams should give up the tools they love, so Lunar’s CRM tool allows for seamless integration with your favourite dialler platform, so there’s no need to give up something that already works for you and your team.


2. A Solution Provided

If you don’t already have a preferred dialler platform, that’s not a problem either! We’ve teamed with Cloudcall to provide a Cloud dialling solution directly to our customers. Not only does this mean you can get the most of our your bespoke CRM, but it also saves you time and money shopping for a new option or going without.


3. Record Your Calls

Whether it’s to protect your employees or to provide training content to your team, recording calls is a common practice – and one that doesn’t have to be complicated. Now you’ll be able to listen to your recorded calls directly from Lunar CRM, making recordings more accessible and safely stored.


4. No Need to Touch the Telephone

Put the handset down! You don’t even need to dial a digit anymore. Simply click a telephone number within the CRM to directly call a customer or contact. It’s a much faster way to reach out and reflects positively in your team’s workflow.


5. Save Money

On the topic of efficiency, the reduced time between making phone calls and the drop in the number of misdialled numbers means that your team’s increased productivity is actually saving you money – a bonus if ever we saw one.


6. Keep a Complete Call History

Keeping your bespoke CRM fed with relevant data is what will ensure your team are on the same page and that customer service standards remain high. With a bespoke solution, a full history of customer calls is always at your fingertips, including the length of the call, the outcome and the original call recording. Not only is this great for reporting, but it also allows your team to work collaboratively by keeping up to date with customer relations.

Combined, these features have the potential to supercharge your calls and help to improve your customer relationships, all whilst saving you money. So, next time you pick up the phone, consider how much easier it could be with a bespoke CRM and get in touch with us instead for a free demo!