Out Of Office

Out Of Office: How Remote Working Can Benefit Your Business

Remote working has become a point of contention in recent years, with many businesses embracing the idea, whilst others actively distance themselves from the suggestion of allowing their team to work from anywhere but their offices.

For those of you reading this who are still undecided on remote working (or who are interested in taking their first foray into the trend), we’ve got the answers you need to that one burning question holding you back: why should I allow remote working? Read on to find out how your business can benefit, with insight from our own team and clients!


1. People Work in Different Ways

Although briefly acknowledged in school, the fact that people learn in different ways is widely abandoned once they reach the wider world. In reality, this little nugget of truth continues to be relevant throughout people’s working lives – especially when it comes to working environment.

For some individuals, earphones and concentration are the flavour of the day, whereas others feel they can only flourish when surrounded by ‘engaging’ (read: lively) colleagues. In order to get the best possible quality of work out of their people, it’s a good idea for employers to acknowledge what environment works best for each member of their team. With that information to hand, employers can offer remote working as a way to tailor where somebody works to their ideal working situation, allowing for greater concentration and productivity as a result.


2. Hire Great People

On how many occasions have you sought a talented individual to join your organisation, only to find that distance is an issue, or that they’ve got family commitments to attend to on a regular basis? It’s a thorn in the side of any employer attempting to hire their team’s next secret weapon - and it’s this situation which screams ‘allow remote working’.

Instead of compromising on the quality of your team, compromise on allowing a talented individual to work from home where they can be near their family, or from half way around the world whilst they finish their travels. With remote working, you can prevent your business from ever having to miss out on great talent (and by using a 24/7 bespoke Cloud-based CRM, time differences are the smallest of inconveniences).


3. Save Money

Although it seems like an encouraging dream to have the business’ entire staff in one office space, it’s not always possible – especially for smaller businesses or those with scattered staff. Instead of pouring money into a bigger office space, or more desks or machines, consider remote working instead.

By using coffee shops, business hubs or even their living room, remote staff can get their work done without you having to fork out on extra accommodation and resources. But don’t mistake that as them never being able to come into the office – arranging regular meetings and using a hot desking rota that fits around the rest of the team allows them to continue to have a presence in the office.


Making it Possible

As we’ve previously mentioned on our blog, making remote working a success in your business requires minimal effort if a bespoke CRM solution is involved. Allow for quick and easy communication between team members, around-the-clock access to shared files using Cloud hosting, and no software installation to promote accessibility; the result is an effective team which can do you proud no matter where they are in the world!

Find out more about how Lunar’s bespoke CRM solutions can encourage and support remote working in your organisation by arranging a free demo. Simply get in touch, and let’s talk!