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Part Of The Team

February 2017

Part of the Team: How a Bespoke CRM Can Become Central to Your Company’s Culture

Although it’s been around for as long as businesses have, the idea of ‘company culture’ has become a much more prominent talking point in the twenty first century. This is partly due to the public success stories of tech startups like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as a response to a gradually shifting power dynamic between employees and employers.

As you’ll probably already know, your company’s culture can encompass so many different aspects of the organisation, including how employees approach their work, their working environment, and the message that permeates every level of the business.

Unsurprisingly, it’s now become a competitive area as employers attempt to show candidates and potential customers just how fantastic their individual cultures are. Amidst such competition, how can a bespoke CRM serve as a key component in developing a brilliant company culture? We’ve gathered insights from our clients to find out.


Encourage Success

No matter what your company does or how you’d like to frame it, it’s highly unlikely that the culture won’t do something to recognise and encourage success amongst your employees. Whether that comes from publicly praising their work, a structure of bonuses, or any other method for recognising great work, a CRM can play an important role.

Thanks to the level of data that can be incorporated into and reported upon using a bespoke CRM, employers can easily pull together detailed performance reports for individuals, with which they can structure praise and highlight areas of improvement. By offering support in those particular areas, your business can make helping employees to achieve brilliant things in their careers an important part of your internal culture.


Live Up to Promises

Your company’s culture isn’t limited to the office. Some company cultures ensure brands work collaboratively with customers based on their feedback. Such efforts are all to live up to promises.

In this respect, a bespoke CRM provides businesses with the tools required to fulfil every promise made to customers and employees. Behind the more colourful aspects of maintaining a culture, it’s important to have such concrete tools in place, and they’ll cover tasks such as maintaining efficient communications with customers, keeping track of progress, and sharing information between the team.


Gives Rise to New Ways of Thinking

Creating a company culture is a collaborative effort, so creating and enforcing it deliberately isn’t an easy task. Therefore, in order to properly nurture that burgeoning culture, it’s important to give rise to new, refreshing ways of thinking from your team.

One way to allow this to happen is to make the most of the third party integration of a bespoke CRM. Not only will you have all the tools available from the CRM itself – many of which have the power to change how regular tasks are approached, and how processes are streamlined – but your team will be able to try new tools without moving away from the bespoke CRM. Learning about the available integrations and how they can work together with an existing system can open up a whole world of possibilities, and demonstrates that your company is receptive to new ideas.


Brings People Together

Of course, company culture is nothing without the people who spend forty plus hours a week living it – which brings us to our final point. Using Cloud technology, a bespoke CRM offers up new avenues for employee communication, no matter where they are in the world.

Sharing information and keeping people up to speed with what the company is doing and what the customers need is a perfect way to ensure that everybody is engaged with the organisation. From this engagement, a recognisable company culture can emerge, no matter where your people are – and it’s that culture which will keep them close, even when they’re continents apart.

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