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Pensions Are Changing

September 2015

Pensions Are Changing – And You Need a CRM That Can Keep Up!

If you’re in the pensions industry, chances are you’ve already heard about the various changes being made to the entire process – and we’re not just talking about the rolling out of auto-enrolment. Now, people have far more freedom in choosing their pensions, deciding how they’re used and even opting for taking a lump sum over a monthly allowance – and those in the pensions industry need a tool that can keep up with these changes. Enter a specialist, bespoke pensions CRM tool!


A System That Changes with You

In case you didn’t know, the Lunar Team are big fans of bespoke solutions for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is the level of adaptability and flexibility that comes with each system. As the pensions market changes, your business’ needs, and those of your clients, will change too; having a system in place that can deal with these changes is absolutely essential in order to maintain a smooth journey for your customers and your employees. The Lunar Team are happy to talk through changes to your bespoke CRM with you in order to keep you up to date with the market – and your clients.


Approaching New Markets

With more options opening up for pensions (and the introduction of auto-enrolment), many new businesses have sprung up to help members of the public decide how best to handle their pensions. In many cases, this is a new market for said businesses, and so it requires a new approach from them. The beauty of a bespoke CRM, of course, is that the Lunar Team can build it specifically to deal with the customers you’re looking to target – as well as their needs – and our pensions speciality comes LOA pre-populated, cutting out a lot of the set-up work. All in all, it makes a new business venture in the complex world of pensions a much easier enterprise!


Keeping Up to Date with Customers

When people have new options to choose from, they will often find themselves changing their minds a lot, unsure at what’s best for them – we’ve all been there! A specialist pensions CRM solution will be able to take on board what your customers are doing, the choices they’ve made and the options that best suit them, allowing your team to assist and keep customers firmly up to date.


Staying Compliant

Of course none of this is relevant if your CRM isn’t keeping you compliant – without full compliance, your business will be held liable and the fallout could see the business closed (or worse). A specialised CRM system that comes with full compliance and ensures that everything stays above the board is your key to really making the most of the changes in the pensions market, whilst remaining above board!


In need of a flexible, bespoke pensions CRM solution that takes your team’s needs into consideration and delivers excellent results? Get in touch with Lunar CRM and let’s talk!