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People Problems

November 2016

People Problems: Tackling Human Error to Protect Client Data

Although technology continues to make leaps and bounds – especially in areas such as automation and security – we still, unfortunately, don’t live in a world where client data is always safe. But rather than focusing solely on the software you’re employing and the technology at your fingertips, it also pays to consider that a bigger threat to the safety of client data are people themselves.


We’re Still the Biggest Threat

Cancel the machine uprising: a recent piece on Insider Media has thrown a major spotlight on the issue of human errors remaining a leading cause of data breeches across the world.

Although that doesn’t mean we can stop blaming viruses and malfunctions, as Christian Mancier – the article’s writer, and corporate-commercial law partner at Gorvins Solicitors – pointed out, the human element is still the weakest within the security chain. Unfortunately, even if companies work hard to uphold their data protection responsibilities with the most up-to-date cybersecurity possible, it’s still important to ensure that humans are working just as hard to protect their clients’ data.


How Human Errors Occur

Obviously, the well-used phrase ‘only human’ is at home in this issue, but that can be a bit too much of a blanket generalisation to actually help businesses to tackle the issue! Instead, we need to look closer at what actually constitutes a ‘human error’ in the world of data protection.

In reality, it can span anything from not storing passwords safely or confidential material properly, all the way up to purposely leaving important data unencrypted and being careless out of disinterest. Of course, a data breech from your CRM isn’t always going to be because an employee was acting maliciously, but it’s important that mal-intent isn’t ruled out.


How to Prevent Human Errors

People may be the weak link in the systemised chain, but that doesn’t mean they have to remain that way. Implementing rigid security procedures, such as encryption policies, non-disclosure agreements, and adequate data protection training can help to keep employees aware of the importance of ensuring clients’ data is safe.

Additionally, it’s important to support employees (and clients) by having that up to date, top of the range software; to make the tools available to them to protect data of all levels of importance. If technical training is necessary, it’s a very viable investment if the end result is a team who can better serve clients.

Finally, combine these two elements in a bespoke CRM solution that actually works in your favour – with built in security, ease of use for your teams, and the power to address all of your organisation’s unique needs. The best worker uses a tool that’s built specifically for them.

Although we’re always moving closer towards more automation and an even greater technological presence in our lives, it’s important to remember the people in your business too. Not only can they be the weakest link in your security chain, but they can also be the strongest – with the right support, guidance and tools!

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