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Playing Favourites

March 2018

Playing Favourites: 5 Lunar CRM Features Our Clients Love (and Why)

Valentine’s Day may now be a distant dream (or nightmare, depending on how many cards you got), but that doesn’t mean the love has to stop!

That’s why this week, we thought we’d turn the lens on ourselves and share just a few of the features our clients love about Lunar CRM’s bespoke solution. You never know – there might be something in there for you to love too!


1. It’s Cloud-Based

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we love the cloud and all its wonderful innovations. As it happens, so do our clients! Thanks to being cloud-based, Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution comes with some hefty advantages.

Not only is the cost significant lower versus hosting a CRM using on-site physical servers, but there’s no need to worry about support either – it’s all taken care of. Our tech-savvy team ensure our cloud servers remain secure and operational, so clients can make the most of their CRM at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.


2. We Put a Lot of Thought into Reporting

With our data-heavy world, we’re able to make informed business decisions like never before. Making sense of the numbers without some help, however, can be a tedious yet daunting task, putting many business owners off tapping into the resource that’s right under their nose.

To help our clients to understand their business better and stay on top of the data they were generating, we invested heavily in producing a real-time reporting feature. Not only does the bespoke CRM tool provide instant reporting on what matters to you, it can also help to spot trends and inform strategies, keeping stakeholders very happy – and making sure you make the most of the data on hand.


3. Third Party Integration

Our bespoke CRM isn’t just built to tackle a business’ individual challenges; it can also adapt to work with the third party software currently in place within the organisation. With third party integration, teams no longer need to abandon tools they’ve become accustomed to using, and the bespoke CRM instantly becomes more powerful and integral to an organisation’s success.


4. Lunar’s Rules Engine

Time is money, and our clients understand that wholeheartedly. That’s perhaps why they love our rules engine feature so much! The rules engine allows users to save massive amounts of time by creating rules for automated processes to follow, such as screening and distributing different leads across the company. This is especially useful to users who want to tailor the CRM towards being a lead platform.


5. One Click Call

The world of the call centre has changed in recent years, with traditional telephones progressively being swapped for integrated dialling features. This feature has enabled our clients to make the customer management process a much smoother ride by allowing for numbers to be called direct from the CRM. Once the call is finished, the outcome can then be recorded directly onto the CRM, with information updated immediately.

We do, however, understand that not all clients have their own dialler platform, so we’ve teamed with Synety to provide a cloud dialling solution – another money saver and an opportunity to try out the one click call feature!

In short, there’s plenty to love!

If you haven’t had a chance to fall in love with Lunar CRM’s bespoke solution for yourself yet, then feel free to get in touch and arrange a demo, or explore our website to find out more!