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Predicted Brexit Skills Shortage

September 2018

How Can Businesses Prepare for the Predicted Brexit Skills Shortage?

It’s dominated the headlines for so long now, that it seems almost odd to think of a time when we weren’t talking about Brexit. Unlike when the conversation first sprouted, however, the idea of Britain leaving the EU is now only months away from becoming a reality.

As with any great change that takes place in the world, there’s an understandable amount of anxiety and trepidation. Among those fears is one which is seemingly universal across most industries: an exacerbated skills shortage caused by Brexit.


Where Have All the Skills Gone?

When Britain makes its exit from the European Union, we’ll be faced with the challenge of securing skilled individuals usually sourced from the rest of Europe. In industries ranging from law to hospitality, the issue of the skills shortage presents a major challenge.

People wishing to work abroad – either British in Europe or Europeans in Britain – will soon find themselves facing many more hurdles to secure an overseas career. Combined with uncertainty over Britain’s economic future, this is easily enough to shake confidence and deter professionals from working in Britain.

Back in February, the Independent reported that research by TotalJobs shows just under a quarter of businesses think the resulting skills shortage would put us at odds with our ambitions of performing on the world stage. Half of those surveyed predict the shortage will be most strongly felt at a mid-management level.


Evolve to Survive

An unavoidable truth of the unfolding Brexit drama is that businesses will have to evolve to match the circumstances, if they wish to survive. As we’re so close to the leaving date, previous arguments over whether we should stay or go should be dropped in favour of teamwork as we forge a path forwards.

So, how can businesses maintain a skilled workforce while standing out against international competitors in a changing landscape – and be prepared for Brexit?


1. Remote Working

Getting on-board with remote working will allow you to tap into talent elsewhere, engaging with skilled individuals further afield – both in Britain and abroad.


2. Upskill Your Team

If the idea of finding new staff at an unusual time is too challenging (for financial reasons or otherwise), then why not turn the focus inward? Upskill your team to foster and develop knowledge and abilities within the business, building loyalty and ensuring your team’s personal growth in the meantime.


3. Embrace Technology

If there’s one thing businesses will definitely learn as we approach Brexit, it’s that we must embrace all the technology and innovation on offer if we’re to have any chance of competing on the world stage. From bespoke CRM solutions to cloud computing, there’s plenty on offer to push the boundaries of your business in a post-EU world.


Facing the Challenge

For such a relatively new word, there’s a lot of concern when people hear ‘Brexit’ – and not just because their feelings on the subject may be at odds with others they know. But as stated earlier, now isn’t the time to debate which way the referendum did or didn’t go: it’s a time to face up to the challenges presented to us.

Preparation, innovation and teamwork are all key to ensuring our teams stay skilful – but the rest is up to you.

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