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Prepare The Champagne

December 2017

Prepare the Champagne: Why 2018 Could Be the Year of the Bespoke CRM

Since their debut many moons ago, CRMs have come a long way. No longer are organisations and their people restricted to homemade spreadsheets or software that requires physical installation, nor are they cornered into using a particular brand name out of a lack of diversity within the market.

In fact, we’ve even gone one further and evolved from bespoke CRM solutions only being available to the elite few, to more and more businesses of all shapes and sizes now enjoying the support of a tailor-made option that fits their team’s unique needs.

But even with all this increased exposure and the diversity on offer, bespoke CRMs have yet to find their moment in the spotlight – something which we’re sure will change in 2018. Why now, you ask? Read on to find out!


The Rise of Automation

No doubt about it, 2017 was a great year for building on technological innovations. As a result, there was a sharp increase in businesses who adopted automation as a means of streamlining processes and increasing productivity. That also meant more competitors following suit, creating pressure to put automation to work.

As bespoke CRMs are capable of helping organisations to automate the smaller tasks which hold their teams back, there’s a clear gap waiting to be filled by a reliable, affordable bespoke CRM solution. And with the competition heating up, we predict more businesses will turn to bespoke CRMs to implement their own automation plans in 2018.


A Shrinking World

With the Brexit train finally making some headway, the employment world is surely due to be up-ended as businesses and individuals attempt to survive a great upheaval in their lives. Thankfully, the world is shrinking thanks to technology, making it possible to recruit talent far and wide without needing to prepare a desk for these remote employees.

As business owners start to feel the squeeze of Brexit on their talent pools and employees grow increasingly fond of the idea of remote working, we’ll likely see more and more users adopt a cloud-based bespoke CRM solution which keeps teams connected wherever they are in the world.


We Love Data

From marketing teams to the boardroom itself, data is finding favour at every level of Britain’s businesses. Properly collecting, protecting and harnessing that data, however, can be challenging without the right tools. Nevertheless, many will attempt to make data work for them purely because if they don’t, they’ll soon be left behind by others in their industry.

Much like with automation, there’s a need for the right tool to make this happen, and bespoke CRMs are quickly being acknowledged as a viable solution. With cloud security being taken especially serious after the crises of the last few years, data security is now taken incredibly seriously. Meanwhile, the report creation tools available to bespoke CRM users allow for instant insight into the business, all without the time expenditure of building reports manually.

Of course, we can only base all of this on upcoming business trends and our own gut feeling. Nevertheless, 2018 will surely bring with it more exciting technological trends and revolutionary business ideas – as well as increased competition and pressure to succeed – and Team Lunar will be there every step of the way to champion the humble bespoke CRM!


From everybody at Lunar CRM, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In 2018, give your team the foundations of a great year by adopting a bespoke CRM solution all of your own. To find out more, get in touch and book a free demo, or feel free to explore our website!