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September 2017

Reach for More: 4 Ways Innovative CRM Reporting Can Help Your Business to Fly

Every owner wants their business to be successful, but to do that, they need to be able to oversee everything, whilst also focusing on smaller elements crucial to strategies. As such, reporting tools have become increasingly popular amongst small business owners looking to smarten up and take their businesses further.

Whilst creating our bespoke CRM offering, the Lunar team saw value in placing an intuitive real-time reporting feature at the heart of our tool. The result has been a number of clients reaching for the stars – and successfully landing there, all thanks to the oversight and confidence innovative reporting can provide.

Here are just a few ways this success was made possible:


Anytime, Anywhere

The biggest joy of innovative real-time reporting comes in the disposal of long waiting times and complicated search criteria. Instead, a bespoke CRM solution’s reporting function allows users to glance at the business anytime, anywhere for immediate insight into performance. Not only that, but time travel is very much possible, with historic data reporting a straightforward possibility.


Give Strategies Clout

When it comes to creating the strategies which will lead your business to success, it pays to have some flexibility. After all, things change and the unexpected will always catch you off guard, but by implementing real-time reporting, a team will be able to react accordingly and adapt the strategy depending on the situation. What’s more, data from previous strategies can now easily be applied to future ideas, to give them additional clout and win over stakeholders.


Stay on Track

People are always at the heart of any business, and real-time reporting provides an opportunity to keep those people on track and happy with their progress. By applying the reporting to their successes, it’s possible to track progress and report back to employees on how they can improve, or reward them for doing exceptionally well. This strengthens your team from within, and ensures that their own goals are aligned with the business’. Everybody’s a winner!


Keep Everyone Happy

As so many business owners will know, keeping stakeholders happy can be a tedious, yet crucial, exercise in human patience. If that sounds familiar, rejoice: gone are the days of cobbling together data to present to stakeholders for their approval. Not only will strategies and processes have been improved upon by using reporting earlier on, when it comes to presenting data to stakeholders, a bespoke CRM solutions’ features will allow for a detailed, comprehensive report to be built almost instantly. You’ll definitely be seeing some smiles when that’s delivered.

If you’re a business which wants to soar to new heights, then the role that a reporting tool plays within the organisation is not to be underestimated. As you can see from the examples above, the right kind of reporting feature can make life a lot easier and make those ambitions far more tangible.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Lunar CRM to arrange a free demo of our bespoke CRM solution, complete with real-time reporting, or explore our website to find out more.