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Recipe For Brilliance

July 2018

Recipe for Brilliance: What Goes into a Bespoke CRM?

Question: what does a brilliant bespoke CRM have in common with the tastiest of cakes? Answer: a heady blend of the perfect recipe and a whole lot of devotion from the people in the kitchen.

Whilst our hardworking Lunar Development Team put a lot into making a bespoke CRM solution to rival even Mary Berry’s cakes, they’re one part of a two-part mix, with our recipe providing the foundations to a successful bespoke CRM.

This week, we’re letting you peek into the Lunar kitchen for yourself, and see what goes into one of our bespoke CRMs.


One Large Dose of Understanding

The first step in creating a bespoke CRM solution that genuinely benefits a client, is to understand what they need, what challenges they’re up against, and what’s happening in their industry. This understanding also requires great listening skills and the ability to make suggestions that tick all their boxes.


A Spoonful of Innovation (or Two)

A bespoke CRM is at its best when it’s delivering innovative features which drive a user’s success. That means keeping a finger on the pulse of innovation, and understanding what’s available and how we can apply it to our bespoke CRM.

In Lunar’s case, this means factoring in the automation features users want to see, as well as providing enhanced security and cloud-based hosting – all popular innovations our clients want to see in their solution.


More of What They Want

Part of being ‘bespoke’ means accepting that our clients often want to be able to use applications they’ve already become accustomed to using in their day-to-day work lives. This could mean they’re not ready to part with PaymentShield, or they’ve invested a lot of time in Salesforce.

To make sure our clients and their teams are happy, and that our bespoke CRM solution really is tailored to what they want, Lunar provides third party integration. This way, they can have a solution which works the way they want it to with features they’ve grown attached to.


A Sprinkle of Something Special

What’s a cake without a little bit of sweetness in the mix? In this recipe, however, you won’t find any vanilla essence. Instead, it’s the Lunar Development Team’s dedication to helping clients and providing support that keeps our bespoke CRM tools so sweet.

Our team are with you throughout the whole process, and continue to be on-hand once you’re up and running, so you never have to worry about facing a challenge alone. Factor in that they’re a great bunch of people, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better tasting combination.

Have we tickled your taste buds for a bespoke CRM solution? Find out more about Lunar CRM by exploring our website, or get in touch with our team to book a free demo and see for yourself.