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Room To Grow

October 2019

Room to Grow: Cloud CRM Solutions and Scalability

Growth – it’s the primary objective of any business. More staff, more clients, more cash flow. However, you need to be sure your business has room to grow, and that means having a scalable CRM solution.

For any digital business, the cloud presents a perfect solution to scalability.


A Sudden Growth Spurt

It’s unlikely that an enterprise-level business with thousands of staff is going to double in size over night. However, it’s not uncommon for smaller businesses to double in size in short amounts of time – in just a couple of months a business of 20 staff could become 40 staff.

In its early growth days, you might find your business is lacking the resources for such quick growth. With an off-the-shelf CRM solution running on your own server, you may find that the demand of business growth limits the speed that your business can operate by overloading your server.

More staff, more clients, more cash flow all means a greater demand on your resources.

That’s why it’s important to invest in a scalable CRM solution from day one for your business…


Grow in to the Cloud

Enter a cloud-hosted CRM solution. Rather than spending money on a new, more powerful server to host your CRM to meet increased demand, invest in a CRM that’s ready to meet increased demand at any time.

With the powerful off-site servers used to host a cloud-based CRM, you no longer need to worry about providing the extra horsepower when your business grows. Your CRM is ready to grow with you, and is ready to be customised with third-party support for any additional functionality you may require along the way.

Of course, as your business grows so does the amount of data you need to store. With that data comes great responsibility, you need to be sure it’s secure. A cloud-based CRM is ready to meet this increased security need – those powerful off-site servers are regularly backed up, ensuring you’ll never experience any data loss emergencies or down time.

Your business won’t always scale in one direction – whilst growth is ideal, sometimes it’s important to scale back your business. In these usually difficult times, it’s always good to know that your business’ money hasn’t been wasted on unused equipment. With a cloud-based CRM you’ll only need an internet connection and a device to access your business, a simple laptop will do!

A cloud-based CRM provides the vital flexibility your business needs in early growth stages. By eliminating the need for expensive on-site equipment and the related security risks, a cloud-based CRM grants you the breathing room to focus on growing your business.

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