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Saving Time Saving Money

May 2019

Saving time, saving money: How your Bespoke CRM Saves Both

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, in business time is money. Losing out on profits and business hours by focusing on tedious processes is irritating, three’s no question of that. So if this is something your business struggles with, perhaps it’s time to consider a bespoke CRM to simplify or even automate some of these processes? Here are some of the ways a bespoke CRM solution could do just that.


Simplify Processes

Turing simple tasks in to chores with complicated processes is the number one time sink for most businesses. When your team is forced to focus heavily on these multi-stage processes, not only are they losing valuable time but there’s also a lot of risk of error. After all, focusing on something tedious for a long time doesn’t lend to concentration very well. Thanks to a sophisticated bespoke CRM solution, you could simplify all of these processes with suggested simpler courses of action.


Reports in Real Time

Reports are a valuable way to use the data gathered by your CRM to inform your business’ strategy. Building them, however, is a tedious and often lengthy process. With your bespoke CRM solution you can build these reports automatically and update them in real time. That way you’ll always know where your business is up to, where you need to improve and save plenty of time.


All The Templates

Communicating with your customers is vital, of course, but it can be time consuming. Especially if you have a lot of customers. If you’ve only got a simple message to send, there’s no reason it should take hours to send it to all of your customers. Instead, try out the customisable standardised templates included with a bespoke CRM. No more hours spent writing out carefully worded e-mails, we’ve got you covered.


Managing Workflow

Find out how efficiently your team is working and which processes are taking the longest with the inclusion of workflow management in your CRM. This little life saver will really help your management level staff keep up to date on how efficiently your team is working, and where things can be improved. A handy feature tied right in to your bespoke CRM solution.


No Downtime

If your CRM ever goes offline, even for just a moment, that’s going to negatively impact the productivity of your team. Thanks to being hosted on secure off-site servers, rather than your own, a Cloud-based bespoke CRM solution means there is no down time for your team (and just to be extra secure, everything is safely backed up). So your team will never be left waiting around for your CRM to come back online.


Set the Rules

With a dedicated rules engine, you get to set the rules for your bespoke CRM. Those simple yet tedious and time-consuming processes? Automate them. Rather than having your team focus their time on those simple tasks, you CRM can take care of them for you. If a process can be automated, it should be automated, so leave it to your CRM.

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