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Show Me the Money

October 2015

Show Me the Money: 3 Reasons to Use a Bespoke CRM for Your Accounting

Money doesn’t necessarily make the world go round (we’ll leave that to gravity and/or love, depending on your sensibilities), but it’s certainly the essential lifeblood flowing through your business. Without a proper handle on your finances then, you can expect to be facing many, many troubles ahead – but that’s where things get tricky, because dealing with your own accounting isn’t exactly an easy task when you’ve got limited time and a business to run. But before you spring for an outsourced accountant or buy into an off-the-shelf solution, why not consider your CRM options?


1. Keep the Cash Flow Flowing

A solid, predictable cash flow is the envy of every business owner in the land – managing when payments are coming in and out, and what you can afford to spend, is a godsend and allows for much greater control over the business. The great news is that achieving the perfect cash flow is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Lunar’s CRM bespoke tool includes a ledger based system which allows for clients to keep up to date with monies owing, as well as calculating when money is coming and going out of the business. Best of all, it’s presented in a simple, clear manner to ensure many stress-free days of money managing await you!


2. No Need to Chase Your Invoices

Generating invoices and following up on their payments is a time consuming practice – the only thing worse is when you have to chase late payments as well. Do yourself and your team a favour by utilising the built-in invoicing features in the Lunar CRM. Apart from saving you time and headaches on typing out emails and writing up invoices, you can also save a few pennies on external invoicing software. Saving time and money is a double win, after all.


3. Built to Serve

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: nothing beats a CRM specifically built around your business, for your business. Because our CRMs can be built to reflect every aspect of your company, the accounting capabilities of your solution can vary depending on what you need. For example, for mortgage firms, Lunar’s CRM has the ability to manage indemnity and non-indemnity commission payments on their behalf; for companies struggling to reconcile commission statements against expected payments the CRM can take the pressure off. In short, whatever financial assistance you need from your CRM, it will deliver.


4. Plan Ahead

All of this is great, but apart from more control (and a lot less worry), what’s it all for? Well by being able to accurately measure when money is coming in and out of the business, as well as what’s happening on a financial level, you’re in a much better position to strategise for the days to come. Can you take on a new staff member? Is it time for that office move? Do you need to review your prices?

A flexible CRM built to your accounting needs can help you to answer all of those questions, all the while putting the business in a much more secure financial position. Now that kind of CRM reallyis worth its weight in gold…


Interested in implementing a bespoke CRM that can keep you firmly on top of finances? Look no further! Get in touch with the Lunar team for more information on our CRM solutions.