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Smooth Introductions

October 2016

Smooth Introductions: 7 Golden Tips to Get Your Team Rallying Behind a New CRM

In running a business, you’ll often find that carrying out decisions and implementing new initiatives is nigh on impossible without the support of your team – which is exactly how it should be!

Although some may argue that running a business isn’t a democracy, it is an environment where the best leaders succeed by listening to the people around them. After all, a new initiative – such as the introduction of a new CRM or workflow management tool – directly affects the people in your business. So without further ado, learn how to best secure your team’s support with some handy advice from Team Lunar, and watch as your team rallies around you.


1. Brief Them

First things first, it’s absolutely essential that your team are made aware of any changes coming to the business – whether it’s someone leaving, a change in responsibilities or the introduction of a new process. Introducing a new CRM is no different, and before doing anything else, you should make your intentions clear. This includes telling the team what the new CRM is, why you’re using it and how it’s going to push the business forward.


2. Bring in the Experts

Of course, unless you built the system yourself, there’s very little chance you’ll know everything about it – and there are bound to be questions! That’s why it’s a smart idea to get someone who does know in to tell your team (or at the very least, the stakeholders and key future users). Awkward Q&As are a thing of the past!


3. Listen to Their Concerns

As time creeps on and launch date grows closer, you may find that some individuals are concerned about what it means for their job, the changes that are coming to the business as a result, or even just concerns about things like time and set up. It’s important to give each individual some time to put their concerns on the table. Not only will this strengthen your relationship with each employee, but it’ll also instil a sense of loyalty and trust – essential in feeling supported with your new endeavour.


4. Address Doubts

Listening is one thing, but if you really want to cement the sense of trust that comes with hearing your employees air their feelings, then you need to be able to act upon them. After all, actions speak louder than words! Whereas not all concerns can be dealt with, things like managing set up and allaying employee fears are straight forward. Of course, if addressing doubts to the whole team, be sure not to mention names or you risk creating a rift.


5. Offer Support

One of the worst things a leader can do is to introduce a new tool and then leave their employees to deal with it by themselves. It’s inevitable that any new innovation will take a little while to get used to – from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the tool in question. No matter how short or long that time is, your team needs to know that they have your support along the way. Sit with them, answer their questions (or get an expert to) and appreciate the effort they’re putting into realising your dream.


6. Know That You Can’t Win Every Battle…

There will sometimes be systems or initiatives that you attempt to push through which simply don’t work. And it’s important for you to know that you simply can’t win every battle. People are at the heart of your organisation, and they in turn have the business’ best interests at heart. If they feel that the software simply isn’t a good match or it’s causing a lot of difficulty and lost time, then you may need to simply concede defeat and learn from the experience. Don’t be disheartened – your team still have your back, but they’re preserving the business’s success instead.


7. …But Acknowledge That It’s Possible with Your Team by Your Side

Saying that, with your team on your side, there’s simply nothing you can’t achieve – so don’t write off this need for support as being unnecessary. As we said at the start, although business isn’t a democracy, it still depends on people to drive it forward and to share your ambition. Win them over to your new system and they’ll take to it with fierce loyalty. Neglect to keep them involved, and you could find yourself battling on alone.

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