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Special Connections

July 2018

Special Connections: How Businesses Can Benefit from the Government’s Connectivity Promises

Ever since the advent of email, the internet has grown to be a hugely in-demand resource for businesses. Now, it’s incredibly rare to come across a business that doesn’t utilise the internet in some way, whether it’s to manage their marketing, communicating with customers, or just sending messages between the team.

With such importance placed on the internet, it’s surprising to find out that we’re seriously lagging behind other countries. Previous research published in 2017 had us at 31st in the global ranking of internet speeds, trailing countries like Spain, France, New Zealand and the US. Updated figures have seen us slip to 35th – so what are we going to do about it?

Better Connections

In response to what is clearly a crucial issue, the government have published their Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review, which plots the UK’s course to global recognition. As part of those plans, fibre broadband is being promised to every home by 2033, 5G trial schemes will take place, and infrastructure will be rejuvenated across the country.

With Facebook also getting in on the party, launching their own internet-providing satellite in the near-future, it looks like the race is truly on to get the whole planet online!


How Can Businesses Benefit?

Of course, it’s not just residences which will benefit from better connectivity – even if easier streaming is an upside. If the government’s plans come to fruition, businesses stand to gain on many fronts.


1. Competing with Our European Cousins

With Brexit looming large and our continental cousins outpacing our internet speeds, the UK needs to work hard at succeeding in competitive markets. For businesses, this means having access to the tools which will help them to compete fairly, whilst also keeping our links abroad.


2. Accessing the Cloud


The cloud is an innovation which evolved directly from the internet, bringing with it better sharing, storage and software-running capabilities. With more widespread connectivity and better internet speeds, more businesses – especially those reluctant do so because of their internet offering – can explore what the cloud can do for them.


3. Embracing New Innovations

Like the cloud, the internet has birthed many innovations, or has provided a platform to develop many more. Whether it’s accounting software or a bespoke CRM solution, the internet has given businesses access to innovations which not only facilitate their growth, but have become crucial in their day-to-day running.


4. Recruiting Further Afield

Remote working has become undeniably popular in recent years, offering employees flexible working and providing businesses with more varied recruitment opportunities. To further capitalise on this accessibility, more resources need to be offered to remote workers – with better internet chief amongst them.


5. Connect with Customers

Keeping the focus away from the office for a moment, we turn to the customers themselves. As part of the government’s review into telecoms infrastructure, research was conducted into improving 5G and mobile connectivity, as well as fibre broadband. If we can successfully implement 5G and connect rural areas – as the government hopes to do – customers will find it easier to connect with businesses on and offline. Easier communications make for happier customers, a reward which pays for itself!


6. Getting Things Done!

Finally – and perhaps most obviously – the government’s plans for better internet simply mean we can get more done. Rather than continually calling the IT department to mend a faulty connection, or work with slow and inefficient internet speeds, teams will be able to power through their to-do lists – hopefully putting a dent in the UK’s productivity problem.

Although the deadline for fibre broadband across the country is some time off, plans are already underway to invest in and rejuvenate the UK’s telecoms infrastructure – and we’re excited to see how it improves in the intervening years (and if we can recover from our spot at number thirty-five..!).

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