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Stay on the Line

April 2017

Stay on the Line: What Makes Call Centres So Essential to Your Business?

Don’t believe the critics: call centres are far from going out of fashion among UK businesses. In fact, businesses such as BT and various mobile phone providers continue to invest in new call centres across the country, all in an effort to improve relations with customers. But what has brought about this renewed interest, and why are call centres still essential to businesses?


A More Personal Touch

For one, call centres provide a more personal means of communication over any other form. Whereas we’ve embraced automated emails and direct-from-CRM text messages, the telephone still plays an important business in maintaining the customer-business relationship because people are able to engage with another human being, rather than firing off long emails and waiting for a response. Even internet chat functions can’t provide the same interpersonal experience as a phone call, keeping call centres firmly in the realm of relevancy, even in the 21st Century.



There’s a reason why some customers will prefer more ‘traditional’ means of communication, and simply put, it’s all about accessibility. For some consumers, the internet isn’t as much of an integral part of their lives as it is for their younger counterparts. They are, however, still likely to have a telephone or be able to access one, making call centres their primary point of contact when it comes to reaching out to businesses and service providers.


Upselling to Customers

Although call centres continue to be popular, cold calling has somewhat fallen to the side, in favour of social media marketing and digital community building. But what about when you’re selling to your own customers? As the 80/20 principle dictates, 80% of sales come from 20% of customers, making it worthwhile upselling to those already paying for your products or services. In this instance, a call centre team is the ideal resource to introduce customers to new offerings, building up your business’ revenue.


Hometown Heroes

During the early part of the 2000s, there was a marked increase in call centres outsourced to different countries worldwide. Customers, feeling they had been palmed off to a third party, began to complain – and eventually businesses brought their call centres teams back to the UK. Businesses who choose to have their own call centre, then, benefit from customer appreciation and a positive brand perception.


People Still Prefer to Call

Finally, when time is of the essence, you’ll find that customers always prefer to phone and speak to a representative directly. In a crisis, this enables customers to feel like they have control of the situation because they’re communicating with someone who can help them to settle the issue. The immediacy of the telephone is crucial in a crisis – and a call centre team will ensure your customers feel like they rely on you to act accordingly.

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