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Stay On Top

February 2019

Stay on Top: Using your Bespoke CRM to keep on Top of Organisation

As your business grows, your CRM is going to fill up with a lot of data, so it’s not difficult to get overwhelmed. When you have a whole team to manage as well, things can become even more complicated.

If you want to keep your head, your bespoke CRM has plenty of options to organise your data and your team. The Lunar Team has some great tips to organise your CRM data and your team, and keep it that way.  Here are the four key aspects of organisation you’ll want to keep in mind when using your CRM…



With all the data on your CRM, your first step is to organise that data. With your bespoke CRM you’ll be able to organise contacts and leads in to tags, which will group data to ensure you know exactly where to look. Tags will also help you delegate responsibility among your team.

When organising your data in to tags, you’ll want to ensure you keep your tags simple – it doesn’t make sense to organise your data in to an equally complicated list of tags, after all. Single words are where it’s at when it comes to creating tags. Let’s use the example of someone working in real estate, rather than using tags like:

  • Buyer Prospect Residential
  • Buyer Active Residential
  • Buyer Pending Residential
  • Buyer Past Residential
  • Seller Prospect Residential
  • Seller Active Residential
  • Seller Pending Residential
  • Seller Past Residential

And so on…

Try tags like:

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Residential
  • Prospect
  • Active
  • Pending

And so on… You’ll be able to shave down your tag groups massively, keeping everything simple and easy to find. Whatever your industry, consider this method of simplifying tag groups to make your life easier.



This one almost goes without saying, but it’s incredibly important so we’ll say it anyway – keep up communication. Your bespoke CRM solution gives you many options to keep in contact with your team. Even if your team works remotely, you’ll be able to keep in constant contact through your CRM.

If you and your team aren’t keeping in contact, responsibilities get dropped, time gets wasted and leads go cold. So naturally, you’ll want to check in with each other from time to time. Whether that’s a weekly meeting/phone call or regular e-mails, make sure you and your team are up to date with each other and your responsibilities.



If you’re in charge of a team with access to a large amount of data (or any amount of data), you’ll need to delegate responsibilities. You might even have a person specifically in charge of organising your data (like we mentioned earlier in Tags). Having someone whose sole responsibility is to organise your CRM and the data within gives everyone a point of contact if ever anything needs to be found in a pinch.

With your bespoke CRM you’ll be able to make assignments to your team. Leads, tasks and data groups can all be assigned to different members of your team to ensure everyone has a responsibility and keep things running smoothly.



Key to any good working relationship is trust. It’s important to not only trust your team, but to ensure your team feels trusted. We’ve talked about creating assignments and keeping up communication – whilst these are important aspects of team work, it’s also important to not go too far.

For example, you’ll want to keep in touch with your team regularly but not appear to be breathing down anyone’s neck. Micromanaging your team will cause more stress and eliminate any feelings of trust your team has. Reign it in and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well your team is working.

Similarly, when creating assignments for your team, it’s important to discuss beforehand. Rather than just assigning large tasks to someone that might be at capacity with their workload, or perhaps not the best person for the assignment, you’ll want to talk to your team. Delegating responsibility is all well and good, but you need to be sure that your team is up to task.

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