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February 2020

Stay on Trend: Important CRM Trends and Stats for 2020

We’ve made it through the first, and seemingly the longest, month of 2020. Now, it’s time to look for ways you can enhance the sales boosting power of your CRM. The Lunar Team have put together a few ways in which CRM trends in 2020 could help your business.


The CRM Trends for 2020

AI: Incorporating AI in to your CRM will help you collect important customer experience data. By collecting data on customer behaviours and actions, you can identify ways to improve customer experience and the best touchpoints to interact with them, for a smooth sales pipeline with effective conversions. Let the Artificial Intelligence CRM trend of 2020 complete your customer experience.

Customer Experience and Satisfaction: Battling other brands with superior products and undercutting prices simply won’t be enough in 2020. Customers value their experience and overall satisfaction with brands they’re loyal to – many new customers will come to your brand based on the positive experience of your existing customers in 2020. So be sure to keep communications positive, listen to and enact customer feedback, and focus on customer retention in 2020.

One Communication Channel: Reduce the amount of time your sales team spends switching between communication channels in 2020 – invest in a CRM solution that allows all communications, internal and external, to be managed from one place. This really enables your sales team to focus on effective communication that makes customers feel valued, whilst also allowing your whole team to gain a deeper understand of customer journeys.

Social Channels and your CRM: The most popular and effective way of communicating with your large customer base in 2020 is social media. Integrate your social media activity and interactions with your CRM, enabling your customers to get in touch with your business via social media, and your sales team to engage meaningfully with your community.

Mobile CRM: Enabling your sales team to go mobile in 2020 will allow them to focus on increasing your sales anytime, anywhere. This will enable speedy reactions where possible, ensuring meaningful engagements that keep customer satisfaction high. A Cloud-Based CRM would be a wise investment to ensure your team can access your business whenever they need to.

A User Friendly CRM: This one is for your own sales team – a user-friendly CRM in 2020 will enable them to deliver their best, without burning out over complicated systems. Your team will thank you as they engage with customers easily across multiple channels, to improve sales for your business.


The CRM Solution for 2020

Enable your team to adapt to these trends in 2020, moving forward with a bespoke CRM solution like Lunar CRM. Focus on your customers in 2020 with a CRM solution that enables you to automate marketing, gather vital customer interaction data and build powerful reports for you to analyse areas for improvement or focus within your business.

Ready to implement a CRM solution that will enable you to boost your sales in 2020? Get in touch to try a free demo of Lunar CRM.