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March 2016

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy: 5 Ways Bespoke CRM Data Can Maximise Your Marketing Efforts

CRMs are all about customer communication, and they’re full of data provided by the ideal individuals who have become your trusted customer base. With that in mind, it makes absolute sense to pair a bespoke CRM with your marketing efforts to create a data-driven strategy that will help to generate new leads, nurture new ones, and show the world that you’re serious about marketing your business correctly. Not convinced? Read on for 5 very convincing reasons to take heed from the Lunar team themselves. Enjoy!


1. The Perfect Supporting Data Source

Behind every great strategy is amazing data being used right. The data contained within your CRM has the power to turn an average marketing campaign into something spectacular and targeted. By tapping into this exclusive source of information, your business can better decide where to focus its marketing efforts, providing answers to questions such as ‘who’s buying which product?’ and ‘what service needs an extra push into the limelight?’ all at your fingertips.


2. Feedback Machine

Similarly, your CRM – being a tool that focuses on customers and their experience with your organisation itself – holds vital feedback from customers. That feedback can be translated into customer sentiment, highlighting areas of brand awareness which need to be addressed by your marketing team. By logging calls, complaints and other correspondences, your CRM has become privy to your customers’ feelings on your service and products, offering you crucial insight into your target market. Honestly, a marketing campaign that doesn’t make the most of this data is putting itself in a vulnerable position.


3. Don’t Ask, Don’t Get

The age-old adage of ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ is alive and well in the world of marketing; you won’t know how the public feels about your brand or a specific service unless they’ve either told you first (praise be to Twitter), or you ask them yourself. Your bespoke CRM solution empowers you to ask important questions to people who matter – customers who have opted in can respond to surveys to help you better map out your marketing strategy and decide which product is deserving of your attention.


4. Getting the Whole Team in Together

Although marketing strategies are the responsibility of the marketing department, that doesn’t mean that employees at all levels can’t get behind a campaign – after all, every member of the team represents the company in the eyes of the public! A cloud-based bespoke CRM is a fantastic opportunity to organise and share marketing data between departments, remotely. Now people across the organisation can have their say and contribute towards the business’ campaign success, no matter where they are.


5. Drive Direct Marketing with Bespoke Features

What we’ve determined above is that a bespoke CRM is an excellent tool for the planning and collaboration stages of a marketing campaign, but what about when it’s live and ready to go? Well, you’re in luck: your bespoke CRM solution also has the ability to make that marketing magic happen.

Using amazing features, such as dialler integration and SMS messaging, your team can contact customers and prospects from the CRM itself, enabling for a dynamic and exciting dose of direct marketing. In addition, your team can also track prospects’ journeys as they’re added to the CRM, allowing for the whole team to be prepared to deliver the best customer service possible, no matter what area of expertise they’re in. And at the end of your marketing campaign, pat yourself on the back – you’ve just collected a whole new set of data to use in your next campaign strategy!


All in all, your marketing strategy could do well with a friend like a Lunar bespoke CRM. Why not request a free demo and see for yourself? Simply get in touch to find out more!