Teams Love Third Party Integration

September 2018

Why Teams Love Third Party Integration in Their Bespoke CRM

In the software world, you might think it peculiar that so many applications are open to third party integration – that is, external software connecting with a solution, such as a bespoke CRM or cloud-based network.

Surely, you might be wondering, that goes against their best interests? Why not create a native solution and cut out the third party?

The answer is simple: to exclude third party integration is to go against what’s best for our users, and we love to see the smiles on their faces! The Lunar Team have plenty of experience in this arena, with third party integration a feature that our users adore.

And because they love it, we’re happy to include it!


Where is the Love (Coming From)?

Third party integration makes sense. Not only does it prevent a brand having to conceive of and build a new solution just to work with their current offering, it also means that their users don’t have to surrender the apps they’re used to working with already – a point which could see them choose a different solution that’s more flexible.

Teams love this. Why? They don’t need new training on features, they’ve got the familiarity of systems and software that they’re used to, and they can access the very best all from one place. In short, it makes life a lot easier – allowing them to be productive and happy.

What’s more, the very reasoning behind getting a bespoke solution might actually be to solve the issue of disparate programmes needing to come together. A bespoke CRM solution that’s capable of third party integration can create the middle ground, helping help a business navigate its latest challenges and growth spurt.


Truly Bespoke

What we’ve also found from our users’ shared experience is that allowing for third party integration also opens up a whole new opportunity to create a solution that is absolutely bespoke and tailored to their needs.

Suddenly, they’re not limited to off-the-shelf features or bespoke within boundaries. They can access all the resources available to their competitors, and they’re entirely integrated within the system that’s been built just for them.

With the whole world at their fingertips, it’s not surprise that they’re so happy!

Are you looking for a bespoke CRM solution with third party integration keep those smiles on your employees’ faces? Look no further! Get in touch to book a free demo.