The Answer Is Time

October 2017

The Answer is Time: How Can Your Team’s Improved Workflow Benefit Customers?

The efficacy of your team’s workflow has an effect on every area of the business: it dictates the workload they can take on, drives results, and provides insights into which areas of your business could do with some tweaking. In short, workflow is important, and how it functions can have a profound impact on your employees.

But did you know that it’s not just your team’s happiness on the line when workflow becomes cluttered with unnecessary procedures and bothersome tasks? Yes, the people who actually pay your bills are also directly affected by how your team works. It seems like common sense, doesn’t it? But in reality, many businesses miss the connection between workflow and customer relationships, and in turn miss where improving one can vastly improve the other.


Time is Everything

When it boils down to it, time is everything in business. It dictates the stress your team are under, the capacity for work that’s available, and even if you need to hire someone new for additional support. It also plays an important role in customer relationships; you can’t work on relationships when daily schedules can’t afford it.

The key to freeing up more time to be spent with customers lies in improving your team’s workflow – providing an instant connection between the two. By reducing the number of trivial tasks that need to be undertaken by a human through automation, as well as introducing elements of technology which shorten processes considerably, your team benefits from a huge increase in time.

Whilst it obviously makes sense to use that newly freed up time to consider other projects and put your team to work on new areas, it also pays to keep some of it allocated to building on customer relationships and inspiring brand loyalty.


Where to Start

Of course, this sounds like a daunting prospect – and it can be. Firstly, you need to identify specific areas of need within the business and your team’s workflow which can be improved upon; then comes the hard part of actually putting those improvements in place.

This is the ideal moment to introduce a bespoke CRM solution into your organisation – built to your requirements and featuring the right level of automation for your business’ circumstances, a bespoke CRM tool can shorten workflow processes and free up employee time from the moment its introduced.

This effectively means that from day one, time is being freed up for your employees. And as the name suggests, the tool offers the perfect opportunity to exercise some customer relationship management.


Why is it Important?

If not for the bottom line and increasing your team’s capacity, why is it important to improve your workflow for customers’ benefit? A

s mentioned earlier, these are the individuals responsible for paying your bills, and we now live in a time where consumers are able to voice their opinions of brands loudly and for the whole world to see. With that in mind, customer service has evolved to take on a whole new meaning of care – one which businesses need to be mindful of.

So, when considering your team’s workflow, think about how much more they could be doing for customers – and how much loyalty that could generate – with just a few minor tweaks. One little change could result in a customer base for life, and who doesn’t want that?

Lunar CRM create bespoke CRM solutions tailored to a business’ needs. With features such as instant in-depth reporting and automated messaging, teams can experience a tightened workflow – giving them time to focus on the customer. To find out more, get in touch and book a free demo now.