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The Clouds Calling

November 2017

The Cloud’s Calling: 5 Benefits of Cloud Dialling for Your Business

Social media may be the cool new kid on the customer service block, but telephones have been servicing businesses since the days of the switchboard – and they remain crucial even in the face of the digital revolution.

That’s because communicating through written correspondence – whether in a handwritten letter, an email or a tweet – will never come quite as close as talking to a real human being. It’s for that reason that call centres remain popular, and the telephone remains a staple of every business.

Even so, there’s always a risk of falling behind if we stick with the same old ideas, which is why cloud dialling has become such a beloved iteration of the telephone. Now, businesses can connect with customers through their own CRM tool from anywhere in the world, without a physical handset or any buttons to push.

“But how can this benefit my business?” you ask. We looked back at our own experience and asked some of our amazing clients how they’ve benefitted from cloud dialling, and this is what we found:


1. Lower Costs

Cloud dialling brings technology and telephony together in a way that really ramps up a business’ capabilities. One such instance is the reduction of misdialled numbers and the cost associated with them. For every mistake, the minutes add up and there’s usually a cost attached to your team’s time. With cloud dialling, however, calls can’t be made incorrectly. What’s more, you’ll often find that cloud dialling is a much cheaper alternative to landlines, making a substantial saving from day one.


2. Integrate with Your Bespoke CRM

In this day and age, it’s all about bringing the different aspects of your business together: and a cloud dialling platform is no exception. A cloud dialler can integrate with your bespoke CRM solution, allowing your team to call straight from the system, logging call history and reducing the barriers between your team and their time.


3. Call from Anywhere

One of the biggest perks of the cloud is that we’re able to access data and solutions from anywhere in the world, as long as we have an internet connection. That’s also true with cloud dialling platforms, allowing your team to work remotely and remain part of the action wherever they are.


4. Better Customer Service

It’s not just your team or your business’ bottom line which will benefit from cloud dialling, either. Customer service has never been more important, with the likes of Twitter breaking down the barriers between brands and their customers. As such, it’s important to make the most of the resources available. With cloud dialling, it’s easier to connect with customers, listen back to calls, and use the information provided from the calls to constantly improve your service and to make sure queries are handled properly. This sharing of information is a trick often missed by businesses, but it can bring about a world of change for customers!


5. Manage Your Team’s Time

Finally, you can pinpoint your team’s time to the second thanks to the analytics available with cloud dialling. Unlike with traditional telephones, employee activity can be monitored with call history, so it’s easier to tell how they’re spending their time and whether or not productivity is on track for success.

Team Lunar have worked tirelessly to ensure that our clients can integrate their cloud dialling platform with our bespoke CRM tool. If you don’t have a cloud dialler already, however, don’t panic: we’ve teamed with Synety to provide a cloud dialling solution that helps your business to save time and money.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the handset and see what cloud dialling – coupled with your bespoke CRM – can do for you! Get in touch to arrange your free demo of Lunar CRM, or click to find out more about Synety’s CloudCall.