Time To Relax

April 2021

Time to Relax: 5 Ways to Cultivate a Low-Stress Working Environment

April is stress awareness month, and it’s safe to say that after the last year or so most of us are probably quite stressed. Especially as everything in the UK begins to open up again and people return to work or offices.

Instead of promoting stress-reduction for this one month, however, it’s something we should consider permanently. After all, stress is not conducive to productivity.

So to help you out as we all start going back to work, the Lunar team have come up with 5 ways you can cultivate a low-stress working environment…  


1. A Spot of Greenery

As the Independent reported back in January, research has shown that introducing plants into the working environment can have a hugely positive impact on both health and stress – which often both go hand-in-hand.

By investing in a few plants, or allowing employees to furnish their desks with their own green-fingered purchases, you’ll be making for a work environment that’s a fresh of breath air, thanks to increased oxygen and reduced toxins. The fact they look pleasant is a bonus.


2. Keep on Movin’

Although we all enjoy the sight of employees working hard at their desks, it’s important to remember that staying in that position for long periods of time is both bad for their health and likely to cause additional stress.

In this instance, it pays to relax the rules around getting up and walking around the office in order to reduce stress and get some blood pumping to the brain. Alternatively, there are a number of stretches that can be carried out at a desk which achieve similar results. If your team keeps on moving, they can keep on doing a brilliant job.


3. Give Your Team the Right Tools

One of the most persistent sources of stress in the modern workplace is not having the tools or resources needed to do a job properly. At best, it’s a slight inconvenience, whilst at worst it could be stressing out your team and slowing down productivity dramatically.

That’s why choosing a bespoke CRM solution could be exactly what the doctor ordered to reduce those stress levels. Your team will be equipped with all the tools and support they’ll need, and you can make a saving compared to off-the-shelf or traditional CRM solutions.


4. Allow Remote Working

Okay hear us out, we know that people are only just starting to return to the office in a lot of cases. But many people have reported enjoying the freedom and flexibility to work from home. It’s something that should at least be considered as a part-remote work option for your employees. It’s an attractive offering to new recruits, reduces overheads, and opens up opportunities to engage with talent further afield.

But on a human level, it also allows employees to work within a space which is comfortable to them. For introverts or individuals who want to get their heads down but find the work environment overwhelming, remote working can be a worthwhile part-time solution, whilst employees who want to juggle work with being somewhere warmer or caring for their family can benefit from a change of scenery and some flexibility. 


5. Cultivate a Positive Culture

If a company’s culture doesn’t quite sit right with somebody, all the plants in the world won’t reduce their stress – they need to see fundamental change. From as early as possible, it’s crucial to cultivate in your team a company culture that is positive, with useful feedback, manager availability and recognition of negative elements to be tempered.

This sort of change starts at the top, with owners leading by example. Offering an open-door policy for employees will not only build trust and overall job satisfaction, but will ensure that they don’t have to deal with their anxieties alone, reducing stress in the long term.


Why is stress-reduction Important?

The reason stress-reduction at work is so important is fairly simple: stress limits productivity. Though a bit of an anomalous period, HSE reports that 828,000 people suffered from workplace related stress or anxiety in 2019/2020, leading to a total of 17.9 million working days lost.

That’s an alarming rate of individuals affected by work-related stress, and a huge amount of productivity taken away from businesses. By applying this advice and taking preventative measures against stress in the workplace, businesses can protect both their employees and their productivity, resulting in a stronger culture and greater successes.

All it takes is a few easy steps to make sure that nobody has to lose out to work-related stress – and that everybody can be a winner.

And relax…! Take the stress out of finding the right tools for your team by getting in touch for your free demo of Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution