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Top Notch

September 2020

Top Notch: 4 Secrets to Customer Service That’ll Have Your Customers Singing Your Praise

Customers sit at the heart of your company, no matter what size your industry or organisation is. Keeping those customers happy is vital to the success of your business, and doing so is becoming more of a challenge as customer have more access to your business through online reviews and social media. However, that also means your customers can now publicly big you up and really help boost your brand in the public eye.

So, with that in mind, here are 4 key ways to keep your customers happy, so they’ll sing your praises thanks to top notch customer service…


1. Talk Their Language

No, we don’t mean trying to be ‘down with the kids’ when addressing a younger audience. Unless you have a youthful brand and the expertise to pull it off, that can end rather embarrassingly! Instead, focus on how your customers want to talk to you. Are they trying to ask questions or offer feedback on social media? Or do they prefer email correspondence to a telephone call? Would they find text message alerts sent from your bespoke CRM useful? Finding out this information early on and adapting to it can help you to become fluent in understanding your customers and their needs.


2. Listen and Respond

The number one rule of customer service is that the customer is king. You may argue here that it’s ‘the customer is always right’, but there are occasions where this is difficult to reconcile with protecting your team’s welfare and interests, so we’ll stick to the customer being royalty. As such – and because they’re the best critic you’ll ever have – it’s important to acknowledge what they have to say and adjust your service where required to match that feedback. Your customers are an invaluable source of information – treat them as such!


3. Keep Up to Date

No matter which side of the fence we’ve been on, each and every one of us has encountered at least one infuriating customer call where information hasn’t been passed on, or the customer previously spoke to a different individual and there’s no record. The result is a complicated mess which makes the whole experience underwhelming for the customer. Ensure your team are sharing data about customers using a Cloud-based CRM to keep them all up to date about each customer – it not only makes each phone call run much smoother, but it ensures everyone gets to put the phone down with a smile on their face.


4. Be Patient, Be Kind

This point is particularly poignant to anyone who is anxious or angry themselves when getting in touch with customer services. For those who don’t fully understand what they’re doing – including whether or not they’ve called the right number – it’s important to be helpful and point them in the right direction. Customers who phone up because they’ve had a negative experience should be dealt with using the greatest of patience in order to protect the relationship and resolve the issue.

At Lunar CRM, helping businesses to keep their customers happy is what we do best! By employing a bespoke CRM built around your organisation, you can empower your teams to do more for your customers. To find out more and book a free demo, get in touch – we’d be happy to talk!