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Using a CRM for Outsourced Call Centres

June 2015

Different Place, Same Page: Using a CRM for Outsourced Call Centres

The rise and rise of call centres (and TV shows about call centres) in recent years has contributed to the deconstruction of various stereotypes, but there’s one that still pervades outbound callers the world over: it’s not always as cheap as people believe. At Lunar CRM, we’ve had experience working with outsourced call centres, employing CRMs in the hopes of reducing prices and raising quality. The results have been remarkable, and this week, we’d like to share them with you – and let you in on how we did it (we spoil you!).


What was the Issue?

Although call centres – outsourced or in house - are often seen as just a more affordable route for direct marketing, they actually have various other purposes, such as customer services and tech helplines. Despite what some may think, the affordability of call centres can vary wildly, depending on the price of the dialler. For our client, the dialler was an expensive resource with little flexibility.


How did Lunar Help?

As office Twister champions, the Lunar Team is all about flexibility – and we decided that was the key to helping our client. We removed the dialler – instantly providing a saving – and replaced it with a Lunar CRM built exclusively for contact centres. Of course, success also means making the most out of your data, so the CRM was further integrated into our very cool Lead Delivery Platform. Smashing stuff.


How did Calling Benefit from This?

Apart from the lowered leasing cost of the dialler, our client was also presented with huge new freedoms in how they could use their data and operate the team. Performance immediately jumped as the CRM solution allowed the right data to be dialled by the right people, and at the right time. This was found to optimise output and ensure a smoother running. On that note, the client also found a far more pleasant journey was experienced by customers through the use of inbuilt scripting and questionnaires.


What was the Final Result?

Well the results speak for themselves! Happier customers, simpler processes and all round excellent savings were enjoyed by all. Our client is now completely on top of their lead management and are taking full advantage of the data at their fingertips.


How can this Help Your Business?

As we said above: you don’t have to be in the world of direct marketing to employ a call centre – and you definitely don’t have to be to save money, streamline processes and handle data and leads correctly. The click to dial technology available in our contact centres CRM is just one feature that makes the entire calling process a lot simpler and more effective for teams.


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