Where The Heart Is

January 2022

Where the Heart Is: 4 Reasons to Love Working from Home

It’s a new year, and maybe it’s time to make a big change (or make something that was supposed to be temporary a permanent option) – working from home. Can anyone say they were eager to rush back to the office at the start of the month?

Not wanting to be in the office isn’t a sign you don’t love your job, of course. However, there are plenty of reasons to love working from home. Some of those reasons can easily outweigh working in the office.

On that note, the Lunar Team would love to share some of our favourite things to love about working from home… 


1 – Time with Your Loved Ones

Here’s the big bonus if you are someone that suffers with feelings of loneliness – working remotely means you’ll be able to spend more time with the people you care about. No more travelling to an office and losing precious hours with the family on either side of the working day. You can be there when they head off to work or school in the morning, and there when they get back.

Just use your WiFi enable device to access your CRM and you’re good to go, even from bed!


2 – Be Happier and Healthier

Speaking of working from bed, there’s nothing more distressing than having to travel to the office when you’re sick. With remote work and a cloud-based CRM solution, this is no longer a problem. If you need a bed day, your work doesn’t have to suffer.

We don’t often consider how unhealthy an eight-hour office work day can be. Not only can the conditions be bad for our posture and physical health, with most of us leaning over desks on uncomfortable office chairs, but the stress of it all can detrimental to our mental health.

Meetings, traffic, public transport, distractions, having to go in sick even when you shouldn’t – it all adds up and takes its toll on you. Remote working gives you the chance to get some space and clear your head. You’ll even find yourself feeling a little more productive than before. 


3 – Don’t Break the Bank

The cost of travelling to and from the office every day adds up, as does the cost of the office if you’re the boss. Remote working can have a positive effect on your finances, especially with a cost effective bespoke CRM solution. The only costs you’ll need to consider are your independent costs, helping to minimise stress and work more productively.


4 – Find Better Opportunities

We’re in the age of the cloud, and with your cloud-based CRM allowing you to work anytime, anywhere comes a wealth of opportunities for your career and your business. Remote working means you’re not limited by location, meaning better opportunities to network both in person and online. You can allow your business to tap in to freelance talent worldwide, giving you more opportunity to expand.

Remote working is becoming a more popular option for businesses everywhere, and it’s easy to see why. With happier teams that have more freedom to socialise and work hours that best suit them, comes a more productive workforce and a business that has the flexibility to expand.

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