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Will it Work for Us

June 2015

'Will it Work for Us?' The 3 Requirements of Businesses Benefiting from Bespoke CRMs

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, Lunar CRM has had the privilege of working alongside clients from a whole range of industries. It’s still common, however, for business owners to dismiss bespoke CRM solutions as something their team simply doesn’t need. Of course, that isn’t true – any business with the following 3 requirements would benefit from such a solution. Take a look at our examples below and ask yourself ‘does this apply to my business?’ – you’ll be surprised by the answer!


1. Any Business That Puts Customers First

It’s in the name really – Customer Relations Management; a CRM solution’s original purpose was to manage how your business interacts with its clients and customers. Naturally, every business has customers of some variety, and they’ll be judging you by the customer service they receive, rather than just the work done. To show your business puts its customers first, you need a system that will keep their details, preferences and past interactions with your team in a database, ready to be used to inform future communications.


2. Businesses with Marketing to Do

This can sometimes take people by surprise, but any business which has marketing to be done will benefit from using a bespoke CRM. How? Through data-influenced strategy creation. By taking into account previous campaigns, customer feedback, collating trends/data, and creating reports, businesses are able to influence their own marketing campaigns, as well as their clients’ campaigns.  The resultant strategy can then be used to delegate specific duties to individual team members and the CRM can measure their productivity and progress – all before repeating the process for future campaigns.


3. Anyone Looking to Increase Efficiency

Sorry, but post-it notes are on the way out as we turn away from paper-filled offices and embrace the world of Cloud data storage. Save your team from losing notes scribbled on bits of adhesive paper or shoved into files at random by implementing a CRM tool to streamline their day. A bespoke solution can expand on what an off-the-shelf tool provides by taking your business’ unique processes into account, slimming and automating each one to provide extra time, less pressure and more productivity from your employees. Additionally, such a tool will keep your team up to date on the goings on of the company, current strategies, and customer feedback – all of which keeps everyone marching towards the same goal.

As you’ll probably have noticed, each of these three aspects – marketing, efficiency and customer service – apply to pretty much every business in existence: and for a good reason. Any business with processes and requirements such as these can easily benefit from a bespoke CRM tool that’s built to their team and business’ needs. So don’t doubt your company’s requirements, and instead embrace what a CRM could do for you – you won’t regret it!


Looking to take your efficiency, customer service and marketing to out of this world levels? Get in touch with Lunar CRM to find out how a bespoke CRM solution can help you achieve all this!