Working in Real-Time

June 2021

Working in Real-Time: How a Bespoke CRM Makes Your Business Work Around the Clock

When offices had to temporarily close in 2020, many businesses had to unfortunately temporarily grind to a halt. However, for many other businesses, operations continued online in the Cloud and around the clock.

So how can you make your business not only work remotely, but around the clock too? Well, with a powerful CRM at the heart of your businesses, you can. Let’s take a look at the specifics of keeping your business ticking and working in real-time, all the time…


1. Ticker Services

One way to make your bespoke CRM work in real time is to introduce the Lunar CRM ticker service. The joy of the ticker comes from its ability to provide a constant feed of information from anywhere on the Lunar CRM – cutting out the time taken navigating between pages and refreshing data. 


2. Keep Reports Accessible

If you’re like any of our other clients, you’ll be having a great time experimenting with Lunar CRM’s in-depth reporting features. You can now drill down into data to get richer information, at a much faster rate than if you were to do it by hand. But this can be time-consuming, right?

It can, but if you make the most of our ‘frequently used reports’ feature, you can keep the reports you create the most often accessible from the dashboard. The reports will then display things like recently received leads, or sales occurring within the hour, without the creation of a report from scratch. 


3. Make it Available from Anywhere

To create a truly real time experience, your bespoke CRM needs to be constantly updating and available to employees no matter where they are in the world. To achieve this, you need a cloud-based solution with collaborative features. With Lunar’s bespoke CRM, employees can log in from anywhere, as long as they have a WiFi connection. Now your employees can work alongside the business in real time too!


4. Monitor KPIs

Of course, running your business in real time with a bespoke CRM provides you with a wealth of information, and keeping that information in check is what will help your processes to continue flowing with ease.

Keeping abreast of your KPIs and how the business is progressing will keep your strategy on track and your organisation focused. Combining the available features on a Lunar bespoke CRM solution will allow your business to remain agile, adapting strategies and approaches as and when necessary. 


More Time on the Clock

With your business running in real time, and updates provided to you on a regular basis by your CRM, you’ll be able to run the business in the present, with clear insight into the future.

Tackling this will put your business in a much stronger position when facing down competitors, and allows you and stakeholders to view a snapshot of the business’ progress no matter what time of day.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get a bespoke CRM and start living (and working) in the present!

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