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Worth Every Penny

April 2018

Worth Every Penny: How to Get Your Money’s Worth with a Bespoke CRM

It’s an unavoidable fact of business: money is the lifeblood which keeps your organisation alive. From paying hardworking employees to dealing with the direct costs associated with servicing clients, money ensures everything keeps ticking along.

For this very reason – and because we’re living in an uncertain time with Brexit approaching – it makes sense to be sceptical about potentially costly new additions to the business’ resource pool. Amongst such items deemed frivolous is the humble bespoke CRM, a tool which business owners know can elevate their organisation to new heights, but one which comes with a cost they’re unsure about.

But that’s no matter! Making sure you get your money’s worth from your bespoke CRM is as simple as reading (and then acting upon) the following advice:


1. Check for No Specialist IT Equipment

Before you even entertain the idea of paying for a bespoke CRM solution, ensure that the options available for you don’t require specialist IT equipment. That means no servers, no software and no other hardware. Deliberately excluding such CRMs means you can immediately save on the cost – a blessing further down the road when the equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.


2. Ensure Full Support is Included

The last thing you want to be doing is to pay for support from your bespoke CRM supplier, or to have to hire a team of IT specialists just to help your team get acquainted. Opt for a bespoke CRM solution where support is included and it’ll quickly pay for itself whenever you have questions or queries.


3. Commit to Reclaiming Your Team’s Time

Time is money – will we ever get sick of saying that as a society? Probably not, so it’s best to recognise the accuracy of that saying. The business pays for employees’ time, and making the most of that time is the ideal way to ensure that the business is paying a fair price. Dedicating your bespoke CRM tool to making life easier for employees, streamlining their workflow and freeing up precious hours, will ensure that the business is getting what it’s paying for – productivity and happy employees.


4. Find One Solution to Rule Them All

One of the many downsides of choosing an off-the-shelf solution is that it rarely addresses all the challenges your team face, leading to them seeking out another solution, and another one ad infinitum. What you’re left with is a hefty bill and too many tools to handle efficiently. Identifying a bespoke CRM solution which can resolve your business’ challenges in one neat package – preferably with third party integration for the few off-the-shelf solutions your employees really can’t live without – will save a substantial amount of money and really put your bespoke CRM to work.


5. Get Everybody on Board

Absolutely key to getting your money’s worth with anything in business is to make sure your employees are on board – after all, if they’re not using the resource, you’re paying for nothing! Get everybody on board and excited for the future and you’ll quickly find that your bespoke CRM is worth every penny you spend.

For a high-quality bespoke CRM solution which doesn’t cost the Earth (and which you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with), get in touch and arrange a free Lunar CRM demo!