Our Approach

Our solution is simple and easy to use without a doubt, But don’t think for a minute that we’ll just switch your CRM on and leave you to it. At Lunar we like to give you a little more than that. We’re not a faceless business. We’re a specialist CRM company with vast experience that can make a difference to your business.



For us it all starts with understanding your business and its needs. We’re experts in delivering CRM solutions for financial services specialists like life insurance brokers, home insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, claims management companies, outsourced call centres, courier services and many others.

Our consultancy services make sure we address all the requirements you have on your CRM project before we dive straight in.


Workflow planning

Throughout our client relationships, we always looking to improve business processes and workflow. Improving task management and automating processes is one of the ways we can add value to the solution we provide you.


MI Reporting

And finally, just because you can have automated reports, doesn't mean we’re done with you yet. Our extensive customer support programme means we’re on hand when you need to us to help you get that important MI report for your meeting, whenever you need us.

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