10 Reasons Why Bespoke is Best

March 2015

Embracing a New CRM: 10 Reasons Why Bespoke is Best

A good Customer Relations Management tool is safe, secure and packed full of useful features; a great CRM system, however, is bespoke. Why, you ask? Because bespoke CRMs have that special key ingredient: your business. We’ve chosen ten great reasons to go bespoke – we hope you’ll agree!


1. Features You Actually Want/Need

Off-the-shelf CRM tools have their uses, but customers all too often must try to make use of features that are of no use to them, just to find value in the system. With a bespoke CRM, however, you’re able to pick and choose features that your team will find a use for, with far greater freedom available.


2. Simple Usability

If your team has to spend hours reading page after page of FAQs just to understand a system, you’re already losing out on time and money. Sadly, off-the-shelf solutions are simply not built to reflect the ability, experience and understanding of every customer. But a bespoke CRM? That’s built with your team in mind, offering them a tool they’ll understand from day one.


3. Easy Data Uploading

The main source of stress in adopting a new CRM is uploading data. The whole process can be frustrating and time consuming, as the system may not be built to accept data in the format you use internally. Don’t spend time uploading manually or overhauling your internal data procedures! Let a bespoke system – built to react with your data – do the work instead.


4. Reporting that’s Second to None

There’s no point in having stacks of data which can’t be reported on with ease, when the time comes. A bespoke CRM provides you with unrivalled reporting, through monitoring of your individual KPIs, rather than a set selection. The result is a truly customised reporting experience, quickly providing in-depth information that focuses on what matters most to you and your customers.


5. Excellent Workflow Management

A CRM isn’t just useful for storing data and understanding your customers – with the right features and functions, it can also be a useful workflow management tool, helping your team to focus their efforts on addressing customer needs.


6. No Special Software

It’s common to be told you’ll need specific and costly software to run a CRM – and companies know you’ll pay. The beauty of a bespoke CRM, such as Lunar’s? It simply needs a computer or laptop with a web browser. Instantly, you’ve saved on costs by not needing wasteful IT equipment.


7. Bespoke Saves Time

Your team is faced with numerous tasks which a bespoke CRM can take care of instead. Reporting and data upload no longer need to be done manually, and with workflow management in full effect, your team will be working at their peak, resulting in hours of saved time.


8. Security

With bespoke CRMs taking full advantage of the Cloud, you can be sure that your data is secure at all times, protected by top notch security features.


9. Connectivity

The combination of Cloud storage and lack of software requirements means that your CRM is accessible anywhere at any time. This brings your team closer than ever before, and gives your business the freedom to embrace remote working.


10. It’s All Yours!

A bespoke CRM is exclusively built for your business – you’ll never find two the same! The tool will be an extension of your business, branded and sharing the same mission, meaning you have a solution that truly works for you – and only you.


Looking to take your operations out of this world? Blast off with a bespoke Lunar CRM – starting with a free demo.