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A Bespoke Gift

December 2018

A Bespoke Gift: The CRM Christmas List

It’s only a few short days until Christmas! While most of are done with our gift buying by now, have you thought about you might treat yourself, your team and your business this Christmas? Whether your business is e-commerce dealing with a busy festive period or service-based looking to efficiently build new business connection in the New Year, a bespoke CRM solution might be just the gift to top your Christmas list.


A Bespoke Solution

The beauty of a bespoke CRM solution, and the reason you’ll want one of your own, is that it’s truly customisable to your business’ needs. Running a small online business often requires a variety of different digital tools, expensive equipment and a team to manage that equipment. With a bespoke solution you can say goodbye to all of that, with an all-in-one cloud-based package that’s accessible 24/7 and fully maintained and managed on the other end.


Third Party Integration

Rather than an off-the shelf CRM, a bespoke solution can offer full customisability with third party integration. Rather than having several different tools, e-mail marketing, social media management, calendar management, a bespoke third-party CRM solution can integrate all these tools in to one package. This will save you both time and money in the long run, allowing your team to work more efficiently from the cloud.


Accounting Tools

Crunching numbers can be tedious, especially when all you want to do is celebrate during the festive season. With a bespoke CRM solution, your accounting can all be done from one place without the tedium of manually scheduling payments and invoicing – create and chase your invoices directly from your bespoke CRM and schedule your payments for the year with a built-in accounting calendar.



Save yourself time and money by automating process that an off-the-shelf CRM solution would have you and your team handling manually. With a customisable rules engine, you can gather and assign lead data or filter out leads that will not convert in to real business for you. Automatically send leads to the right person within your team to ensure that those warm leads are followed up as quickly and smoothly as possible.



You can’t relax if you don’t feel secure, and this time of year you deserve some time to kick back. Being a cloud based system, your CRM and all associated data is hosted is secure and powerful off-site servers. Back-ups are made frequently, meaning even if there is an outage your data will be protected. You can also expect to be up and running again in no time in the unlikely event of an outage, with a dedicated security team at the ready to keep your business online.

So this Christmas you can sit back and relax, knowing that your business is safe, secure and running efficiently ready for the New Year. This year, treat yourself and your team to a bespoke CRM solution.

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