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Bespoke Vs Off The Shelf

September 2018

Bespoke vs. Off the Shelf – Why the Choice is Still Very Clear

If there’s one thing we know about, it’s bespoke CRM solutions. During our time out in the wild, the Lunar team have been responsible for pairing up businesses from across a plethora of industries with a CRM tailored to their needs and challenges.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll recall one of our earliest blogs tackled the ten reasons bespoke is best. That was back in March 2015, and in the three years since, very little has changed when it comes to why people choose bespoke over off-the-shelf.


Some Things Never Change

In the intervening years since that blog, there have been many changes in both the tech and business worlds. Automation went from being something associated with factory floors and the far-off dream of autonomous cars, to being implemented in many businesses; the cloud has evolved from a vague term attributed to the likes of DropBox and OneDrive, into a tool capable of powering businesses of every size – from Silicon Valley giants to the one-man-band.

For bespoke CRMs, keeping up with these changes has been second nature. That is, after all, one of the many reasons businesses opt to go for a tailored solution: they evolve and grow alongside the business. Off-the-shelf solutions, however, are slower to adapt, or require entirely new iterations. Falling behind the zeitgeist puts them out of favour with customers. You could say their shelf life is limited (pun absolutely intended).


Future-Proofing the Business

This brings us neatly to our next point: with updates and improvements being made all the time, managed by an expert team off-site, a bespoke CRM such as Lunar’s gives business owners the opportunity to factor in the future – and to protect the business from surprises.

With transparent costing, streamlined processes and cost-saving measures in place, a bespoke CRM continues to save businesses money, whilst helping them to plan for the future. This can also be encapsulated in their ability to integrate with the apps that matter to employees, and the expert reporting features on offer.


Employees Still Come First

If there’s one thing that definitely hasn’t changed since Lunar burst onto the CRM scene, it’s the importance of employers putting their teams first. This, we think, will be something that never changes. After all, employees are the heart of any business – they help to achieve the organisation’s goals and make an owner’s dreams come true.

Putting employees first includes providing the tools they need to succeed in their respective jobs. With a bespoke CRM solution, they get the resource which answers their pain points and provides all the features they need to feel confident in their jobs.

In short, the bespoke CRM has survived the test of time so far – and it shows promise when it comes to surviving even longer. As long as employers want to achieve their goals and give employees what they need, and as long as technology continues to grow in importance in the workplace, the bespoke CRM will always be there to meet the challenge.

If you’re interested in securing a free demo for Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution, simply get in touch, or find out more about the features on offer by exploring our website.