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Back To School With Lessons From Last Year

January 2017

Back to School: How to Use Lessons from Last Year to Achieve Success in 2017

Ask anyone to describe 2016 and you’re sure to be met with a groan, a sigh or a slew of negativity. Unsurprising, really, as globally it was a year of many ups and many, many more downs. That’s not to say, however, that we can’t apply what we learned in 2016 to how we navigate the next twelve months in order to achieve great business success – and there are three lessons in particular we can draw on this year.


1. Security, Security, Security

If 2016 taught the business community anything, it’s that security breaches can happen to anyone. After witnessing a number of high profile hacking attacks and information leaks, business owners are in a much better position to protect their data and their clients’ data in 2017. This year, take extra care of your data by implementing more rigorous security protocols and reviewing the protecting currently in place. This doesn’t just encompass attacks, however – be sure to cast an eye over physical threats which could damage onsite servers and how information is handled internally to see the year through with that all-important data intact.


2. The Rise of Automation

Although 2016 was a year blighted with high-profile deaths and a string of controversial political decisions, it did nothing to stem the rise of exciting new technological innovations. Finally, after years of speculation and dreaming, VR started on its journey to go mainstream whilst self-driving cars came a lot closer to being on our roads.

Among these innovations, one in particular found its way into the hearts and minds of business owners the world over: automation. Technically, automation has been around since the days of the Industrial Revolution, but now that certain technology – including AI and the Internet of Things – exists, automation can go beyond simple production line assembly. In 2016, businesses truly embraced the notion of using software and technology to automate smaller tasks in order to free up more valuable time and resources within the organisation.

In 2017, it’s time to take that understanding of how automation can benefit your business and apply it throughout your work. A bespoke CRM is an excellent first step.


3. Everything Your CRM Tells You

The last lesson is really many lessons rolled into one. If you truly want to use 2016 to inspire success in 2017, then you need to analyse all the data collected in your CRM over the last twelve months and apply that to a structured business strategy. With a bespoke CRM, pulling up such reports is a quick and easy affair, though off-the-shelf solutions may require more time and patience.

By diving into last year’s data, you’ll be in a position to learn from what went to plan, what didn’t, and where your business can go next. In reality, the best lesson you can learn for 2017 is actually already there, waiting within your business – you just need to pull the data out and use it!

Over the next twelve months, make it your resolution to learn from last year – your business’ successes and failings, your data and all the new innovations available – to make 2017 the best year yet. Looks like 2016 wasn’t all doom and gloom after all!

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