Come Back Soon

June 2022

Come Back Soon: How to Keep Your Customers Happy so They Come Back for More

It goes without saying that keeping your customers happy is good for your business. Happy customers feel valued, listened to and respected. However even with the best business practice in the world, sometimes customers can run in to issues with your product or service and it’s down to you to resolve the issue as sensitively as you can.

People now have access to bigger platforms that ever before, with brands readily available for public contact on social media and review sites everywhere. One bad review can very quickly become many bad reviews, having a huge impact on your business. So you want to be sure your customers are happy. With that in mind, here are four ways to help do just that…


Stay Social

More brands than ever are recognising the importance of social media when it comes to customer service. However, some are choosing to remain offline, often making it difficult for customers to get in touch directly. Though the positive side of this might seem appealing, no Twitter wars between your brand and customers, the downside far outweighs this – if customers are unhappy online and are vocal about it, there’s not much you can do about it if you don’t have the tools to interact. With social media integration with your bespoke CRM, there’s no excuse to not harness the power of social media.

Engaging with your customers is the first and easiest way to make people feel involved with your brand. A social presence for your business also gives customers the opportunity to leave feedback, which you can easily respond to, allowing you to resolve issues quickly. Being open and honest with customer feedback will show transparency and understanding. 


See Things from Their Perspective

One of the worst things a brand can do online is publicly shout back at an upset customer. If you’ve been contacted by an upset customer, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes – they’ve experienced an issue with a service they’re paying for, and they aren’t getting what they’ve been told they should. Listen to their issue, be patient and try to understand.

By seeing from the perspective of your customer, you can take the best course of action in resolving any issue. A quick resolution can turn a big problem in to great publicity for your business.


Keep Things Organised

With a cloud-based CRM you can have the freedom to work with a remote team in many different locations. This is a great solution to increase productivity and the scope of your business, however there is potential for some disorder. So, you need to keep in contact with your team and ensure things are going well – keep each other in the loop.

By ensuring everything is going smoothly on your end, you can deliver the best service to your customers.


Boost Morale

You’d be surprised what people can pick up on, even with online interaction. If you and your team are struggling, it’ll come across in your customer service. So you need to be sure you’re putting your health first, take steps to not get burned out and talk openly with your team about any issues you may each be experiencing. Breaking the silence culture on mental health issues in the workplace is a bold step for any business, but an important one. Good morale is the key to great customer service – a healthy team means happy customers.

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