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Didn’t Think of That

September 2017

Didn’t Think of That: 5 Unexpected Ways Remote Working Can Benefit Your Business

We’ve all heard about how remote working can keep your team happy – hey, we even wrote about it ourselves. But remote working brings more benefits than just those that come off the top of your head: there are some unexpected positives to letting your team work remotely, which often make for a nice surprise for employers.


1. Better Teamwork

Many employers miss this benefit because they follow the logic that if a team isn’t under the same roof, they can’t work well together. However, remote working has proven that to not only be untrue, but that the opposite is actually far more likely.

Technology has developed alongside remote working, allowing for teams to stay in contact with one another from around the world without delay, and without them constantly being in the same room.

The result is a team which interacts with a wide variety of people as if they’re sitting beside one another, alleviating the loneliness people associate with remote working, whilst boosting teamwork, morale and, as a result, productivity.


2. Lay the Foundations of a Stronger Team

 Remote working doesn’t just benefit current teams, either: implementing a remote working policy gives employers with something extra to offer potential new recruits. In a market where flexible working and escaping the 9-to-5 are seen as deal breakers, this can provide a competitive upper hand.

What’s more, remote working also brings new individuals and their skills into the fold, be they contractors or full-time staff on another continent – laying the foundations for a team which can take on more, achieve higher quality results, and service clients.


3. Happier Operations Managers

Remote working has had a huge effect on the bottom line of a lot of companies, which makes for a far easier life for operations managers. Rather than sourcing bigger and better workplaces to accommodate growing teams, businesses who utilise remote working can keep office space to a restricted size without losing any of the human resources needed to grow.

Operations managers are also bound to get a smile on their face when looking to tap into talent in other locations, with remote working allowing for greater access to skills, experience and knowledge – without the associated costs or traditional geographic limitations.


4. Greater Productivity

Another benefit taking employers by surprise is the level of productivity and efficiency of remote working teams. Don’t be fooled by the common misconception that employees working from home lack the discipline needed to help the business succeed: many studies and surveys have proved this to be untrue.

Once again, we have technology to thank for this. Remote workers now have access to telephones, email, chat apps and bespoke CRM solutions – and their employers, therefore, have access to them. They’re now more capable than ever of holding employees accountable to their roles – roles which are heavily computer-based, with activity easily monitored.


5. Make Better Use of Your Bespoke CRM

Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution in particular makes strong and effective use of the Cloud, making remote working a straightforward and plausible way of working for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries.

But really, if you’re keeping your team firmly in house, many of your bespoke CRM’s features are going untouched, with its potential firmly kept behind locked doors. So, whilst fantastic reporting features and in-built communication tools are great, there’s a whole world open to the business who pairs remote working with their bespoke CRM – and the business is set to benefit as a result.

There you have it: there’s more to remote working benefits than just letting employees work from home – and when there’s a bespoke CRM solution in the mix, there’s even more on offer! If you’re currently toying with remote working, but don’t want to let it affect the quality of your team’s work, get in touch for a free demo of our bespoke CRM, and start enjoying the benefits of remote working (without sacrificing productivity).