Still Out Of Office

October 2016

Still Out of Office: 3 More Ways Remote Working Can Benefit Your Business (and Your Team)

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you’ll remember that a few weeks ago, we were talking about the joys of remote working for your business. For business owners, allowing their teams the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world (including on sandy beaches and in cosy coffee shops) offers up benefits such as being able to hire more widely, and saving money on office space.

But the positives don’t just stop there. For your employees, there are three very real advantages to being able to work remotely – and combined with our earlier blog, they make for a more than convincing case!


1. Better Health

Among the many struggles workers today have to face, commuting is pretty high on the list of ‘most maligned’. The slog of catching a train or taking part in the hellish race to the motorway not only adds hours onto a working week, but can also lead to heightened stress, poor work-life balance, and increased exposure to germs (especially the winter commute). The result is bad health and a general feeling of exhaustion at the whole situation.

By contrast, employees who don’t have to face the commute, are able to find time to exercise and bond with their families – all of which leads to healthier, happier individuals. It’s this fresher outlook on life which contributes heavily to the next two benefits.


2. Better Productivity

One of the biggest hang-ups employers have about remote working is the possibility of employees getting distracted by not being in the usual working environment. As we mentioned in the previous blog, however, some people work more effectively in different environments.

In addition, employees who feel trusted and are surrounded by interesting environments are more likely to work harder and be more creative – rather than getting bogged down in office politics and deciding who’s making the next brew round!


3. Better Loyalty

Importantly for the business, employees who are allowed to work remotely demonstrate a greater level of loyalty towards their employers. Why? Because they’re being given a position which suits them – working from home with the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life and get plenty done. In the face of such overwhelming advantages, it’s a small compromise for employers to make.


Keeping Everybody on the Same Page

To make remote working a success within your organization, it’s important to have your employees interacting normally. If communication breaks down, you may find individuals drifting or becoming disillusioned with the remote working set up. By using a bespoke CRM with built in communication tools, your team can stay in touch with each other whilst working.

It’s not just great for morale, though: this allows individuals to stay up to date with what’s happening no matter where they are in the world – keeping your business running 24/7, even when an employee is on holiday or travelling abroad.

So you’ve heard our reasons for introducing remote working, but what are yours? Let us know on Twitter, or to find out more about how to make it work in your business with a bespoke CRM solution, get in touch to arrange a free demo!