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Ditch the Spreadsheet

January 2016

Ditch the Spreadsheet: How Lunar Helped a Home Insurance Firm to Break a Habit

Home insurance firms have found themselves firmly in the spotlight over the last few weeks – especially with the news that the post-flood insurance bill is set to reach a high of £1.3billion. With so much attention on their performance, it’s no surprise that some firms have decided to reinvent their internal processes in the coming year. Previously, the Lunar team had the pleasure of working alongside a home insurance firm to provide a bespoke CRM solution with the power to take them to the next level – but first, they had a certain habit they needed to break…


What was the Issue?

When we met our home insurance client, they were suffering from a lack of time, scrambled internal communications and a lack of resources to make any sort of change. At the time, the client was running a call centre and sales operation all from a single Excel spreadsheet – a tool which you can quickly outgrow with such complex and in-depth procedures to take care of.

Additionally, during the sales process, they would input their customers’ details manually onto multiple home insurance systems to find the best quote, slowing them down immensely. All of this meant that there wasn’t adequate time or resources to allocate towards growing the business.


How did Lunar Help?

Although the Lunar team can appreciate a good spreadsheet, we felt it was time to free our client from Excel’s grasp. To begin with, we talked in-depth to understand their end-to-end process, enabling us to formulate a winning strategy. From here, we partnered with the gang over at Payment Shield to provide our client’s CRM with a fully integrated quoting engine. This took the hassle out of finding customers their quotes, and gave the CRM many features unavailable to off-the-shelf options. We then shaped the CRM into a multi-tiered system, which allowed sales, call centre and administrative staff to work alongside each other on one solution.


How did the Client Benefit from This?

The resulting CRM tool was a far cry from the original spreadsheet, and resulted in better communication between teams from the start. The simplified processes – including less manual inputting of details – made for a more streamlined internal system, allowing the client to grow their business without hiring new staff, saving money along the way.


What was the Final Result?

After instating their bespoke CRM solution, our client quickly found themselves in a position whereby they could offer new product lines and expand upon their current services, all with their existing staff. Efficiency is up, spreadsheets are down and we’re happy to say they’re now shooting for the stars!


How can this Help Your Business?

Although they can be useful, if you find your business – whether it’s in home insurance or not – is relying on an Excel spreadsheet to deliver multiple processes, then it’s time to see what else is out there for you. As well as ditching the spreadsheet for something more robust, we can also add an extra dimension to your CRM with integrated third party tools.


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