Third Party Integration

August 2015

Why Third Party Integration is a Must for Your CRM

Our Lunar team are a talented bunch: they’re experts in creating fantastic bespoke CRMs (naturally), doing the moonwalk at office parties (of course), and in ensuring that our clients have their favourite third party apps seamlessly integrated into their Lunar CRM solution.

The latter is becoming the talent most in demand (followed by moonwalking), and has seen our clients take their offerings to whole new heights. But how did our clients get from plugging in the likes of Avaya to giving their customers even more value? Here’s how!


What is Third Party Integration?

The name’s in the title, really: third party integration sees software developed by other companies – software you’ve probably grown accustomed to in your time – successfully ‘plugged in’ to another system. In this case, it’s our bespoke CRM tool and a whole plethora of third party apps (enough to keep everyone very happy).


What Kind of Third Party Apps Can Be Integrated?

Just about any! A few that our team have dealt with include Experian, Moneysupermarket, Salesforce, Paymentshield, Cisco, SoLeads, and Synety. They’re each well-loved by our clients and were either introduced to them through Lunar CRM or are software they’ve used before and wanted to keep on using. That’s the beauty of our CRM solution – clients can carry on as before!


But What Benefits Does Third Party Integration Bring to My Business?

A bespoke CRM is an excellent fit for your business – it can do things like reporting and analysing data, and even keep your team all on the same page. But if you want to take things one step further, such as adding a lead management system or credit checking facilities, then you’ll need a third party app. The joy of having a team of third party integration experts at your disposal is that instead of having several different tools that need to be open all the time, you can stick to having one. On top of that, all of your data is being fed into the same place, and is all held with the same security guarantee.


And Adding Value…?

It all sounds great, but let’s be honest: you want to know about how such a thing can add value to your services, don’t you? Well, by integrating third party apps into your CRM, you’re opening up and expanding upon the abilities of your team. The benefits of this are three-fold: firstly, they can do a much better job than before and are far more equipped to deal with customer requests. Instantly, you’ll see happier customers and a better quality of service – which is definitely worth more! Secondly, integrating third party apps can open up a whole new range of skills that the business didn’t previously have. These skills and abilities can be translated into new services and add-ons – such as credit checks and price comparisons.

Finally, with a lead-management app attached to your CRM – such as the ever-popular Salesforce – your team will never miss a lead again, and can continue to generate business in a timely and efficient manner.

There are really too many benefits to say no to third party integration, so why not give it a try? Trust us: it’s a lot easier than mastering the moonwalk!


Interested in implementing a bespoke CRM that can seamlessly integrate with third party applications? Look no further! Get in touch with the Lunar team for more information on our CRM solutions.