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Go Green

May 2019

Go Green: Ditch the Office and Go Remote for the Planet

As Bill Nighy recently said, the planet is on fire. As business owners we have certain responsibilities to limit our impact on the planet. One way we can do that is by ditching the office and going with a remote office, limiting our collective consumption of resources. Because you bespoke CRM solution is cloud-based, you can do just that with a team working from anywhere in the world.

So how does a remote office limit our impact on the planet more so than a physical office? Let’s take a look…


Less Space and Resources Required

By taking up less physical space, your business automatically needs to consume fewer resources. Without an office, you don’t need to worry about heating or lighting a space. This will also help limit waste by leaving spaces unoccupied, say if someone isn’t working a particular day – there’s no unused space where they would normally be.


No More Waste

Offices produce a lot of waste. Whether that’s use of lots of common stationary, pens, paper and the like, or things like food wrappers. With everyone taking responsibility for their own waste in their own space, you can ensure your businesses impact on waste production is limited.


A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Because everyone in your business will be able to work from any location, there’s less of a necessity on commuting. Even public transport, the considered greener option in place of individual car use, contributes towards greenhouse gas emissions. Working remotely gives your team the option to work at home most days if they choose, so they don’t need to travel for work.

So it’s easy to see how a remote office can benefit the planet in this trying time. And there are plenty of other benefits you could see to your business…


The Business Benefits

Choosing to go with a remote office will see your business going green in more ways than one. You’ll make an instant saving by removing the often steep costs of maintaining an office. Not only that, but having a remote office means you don’t have to stop seeking just local talent – you can find people to join your team both near and far now that you’re no longer limited by location.

In addition to the green benefits and the cost benefits of a remote office, you’ll also be delighted to see an increase in productivity from your team. Yes, without the distractions of an office space, such as loud colleagues or impromptu meetings, most workers find remote working to be a blessing for productivity.

So if you’re a business owner that cares about the planet and wants to see a boost in productivity (and profit), perhaps it’s time to consider a green, remote office. With a cloud-based CRM you can easily do just that.

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