Going On Auto Pilot

January 2019

Going on Auto Pilot: How Automation will Benefit Your Team

When we, the workforce, hear “automation” a lot of us often think of our jobs being taken over by machines. With automation being part of the bespoke CRM package, it can be potentially anxiety inducing for your team to hear you’re upgrading.

A bespoke CRM solution with automation won’t replace jobs, however. Actually, it’ll make them considerably easier so your team can truly excel. To ease your team in to the change, and put their minds at ease, The Lunar Team have put together this quick list of ways a bespoke CRM solution with automated processes can really benefit your team.


A Real Time Saver

It almost goes without saying that automation is a huge time-saver. Rather than thinking of automation as a replacement for the work you do, think of it as streamlining.

The monotony of small tasks or the intimidation of large time-consuming processes can now be taken care of (to your specifications), so you can focus on other aspects of your business. You could expand your business, improve customer relations or even focus on training your team to improve business operations.


Put Customers First

Saving time on other business operations means more time focusing on your customers, building stronger and long-lasting relationships. As customers won’t know specifically which aspects of your business are automated, their experience will tell them that your business is you – human. That’s not to say all customer interaction needs to be automated. In fact, you can focus on more meaningful, direct customer interaction with smaller operations handled by automation built in to your bespoke CRM. This way you and your team can still add a personal touch to customer services.

It’s also not a bad idea to occasionally be transparent with your customers. Honesty about automation can help ensure customers don’t feel mislead, and if you are a small business they will likely understand. You can let your customers know which messages are automated, and which aren’t – FAQ pages have been doing this for a long time, automated messaging just makes the process a little more interactive and intuitive.


Powerful Marketing Automation

By automating your marketing efforts, your sales team can bring in warm leads more consistently. Automation won’t replace your marketing team, but it will make their jobs considerably more efficient. Rather than putting in vast amounts of effort warming up cold leads, with marketing automation based on customer data your sales team will only ever have to nurture already warm leads.


Automation Tweaking

The automated processes of a bespoke CRM solution taking of your job might be considerably less worrying when you realise the human process at its root. To make the most out of any automated process, you need to do your research and figure out what works best for your business.
Your marketing team, for example, will still need to conduct market research to figure out which demographics of customer are responding best to your business. A closed-loop report conducted through data obtained through a bespoke CRM will be beneficial here. Otherwise automation would be throwing money at marketing without knowing who to target.

Automation needs to be tweaking and altered regularly to ensure your business is getting the most out of automated processes. So ultimately, automation will not replace your team but it will empower them to work more efficiently with considerably less stress.

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